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Accelerated View™ Cloud Based Management for 1 Year
Accelerated View™ Cloud Based Management for 1 Year 15966 Accelerated View™ Cloud Based Management for 1 Year ASB-0000-AV01-001
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Model: ASB-0000-AV01-001

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Overview: Accelerated View™ Cloud Based Management for 1 YearAccelerated
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Accelerated View is a sophisticated, but intuitive cloud-based portal that monitors remote data network devices across Tier 1 carriers and service providers. In today’s environment the configuration, installation, and central management of complex distributed networks is a challenge for businesses. The challenge increases for businesses with multiple locations, which now may span multiple time zones and countries. To complicate matters further many locations may not have any support staff on-site.

Accelerated View provides a company with one system to monitor and remotely control VPN Gateways, Cellular Extenders, WiFi Extenders, and Dial-to-IP devices. The system has a powerful user interface that allows sorting and searching in order to improve productivity and identify problem patterns. In addition to standard reports, online views can be exported to create ad hoc reports. Data is provided on over 50 items regarding the availability, performance, configuration and location of your devices. Remote devices can be configured in groups or individually, and the firmware easily updated from a central operations center. Based on user criteria the portal can also send real-time alerts to defined e-mail addresses.

The system's mapping functions provide a visual picture of a customer’s network status at any given time. The maps can be zoomed in and out to display finer levels of granularity all the way to a single site. The device can then be selected from the map for further analysis and control. Mapping is also used for site location information, along with the physical address and contact information.

Managing large enterprises, distributed enterprises, and mid-market networks alike is simple with Accelerated View. As long as a site has a connection to the Internet, you are ready to remotely manage its devices. Accelerated View lives in the cloud and utilizes up to date secure technology. This is especially important in large distributed enterprises, where there could be thousands of locations. Your infrastructure can be monitored and controlled by multiple administrators who are geographically dispersed, each with appropriate permissions.

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