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CPU: 3 x Intel 8-Core 2.4GHz Haswell
Memory: 192GB DDR4
Storage: 9 x 4TB HDD, 3 x 400GB SSD
Network Connections: 3 Dual-Port x 10GbE, 3 Dual-Port x 1GBase-T, 3 x 1GBase-T (IPMI)
System Cooling: 4 x 8 cm heavy duty PWM fans with optimal fan speed control
Power Supply: 1000-1620W @ 100-240V / 12-8A, 50-60Hz, Dual Supply for Redundancy/Hot-Pluggable
Max Power Consumption: 666 Watts
Max Thermal Dissipation: 2274 BTU/hour
Operating Requirements: Input Voltage: 100-240V AC auto-range, Input Frequency: 50-60Hz
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Rubrik r334 Cloud Data Management Platform - 3 x Intel 8-Core 2.4GHz Haswell, 192GB DDR4, 9 x 4TB HDD, 3 x 400GB SSD
Rubrik r334 Cloud Data Management Platform - 3 x Intel 8-Core 2.4GHz Haswell, 192GB DDR4, 9 x 4TB HDD, 3 x 400GB SSD 17745 Rubrik r334 Cloud Data Management Platform - 3 x Intel 8-Core 2.4GHz Haswell, 192GB DDR4, 9 x 4TB HDD, 3 x 400GB SSD r334
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Model: r334

Condition: New

Overview: Rubrik r334 Cloud Data Management Platform for Small Environments - 3 x Intel 8-Core 2.4GHz Haswell, 192GB DDR4, 9 x 4TB HDD, 3 x 400GB SSDRubrik
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Recover, manage, and secure your data. Everywhere.

Rubrik Cloud Data Management unifies backup, instant recovery, replication, search, analytics, archival, compliance, and copy data management in one scale-out fabric. Enterprises use Rubrik to easily and securely manage all data, whether it’s physical or virtualized, across all locations—on-premises, at the edge, and in the cloud. Enterprises achieve unprecedented data mobility and accessibility, eliminate management complexity, and align technology to business needs.  


  • Software-Defined: We distill physically disparate hardware and software components underlying the multi-tiered, legacy backup and recovery architecture into one software. Rich data services are embedded into this software fabric so that managed data can be repurposed for use cases beyond protection.
  • Simple: We solve for ease of use by infusing consumer-grade usability into enterprise software, from rapid installation to painless management.
  • Scale-out: We adopt the same web-scale technologies used by Google, Facebook, and Amazon, allowing our users to easily handle rapidly increasing volumes of information with a linear architecture. Users avoid painful forklift upgrades and continue to easily manage Rubrik as a single system. 



Rubrik introduces a radically simple backup solution that delivers near-zero RTOs without additional storage provisioning. Quickly test upgrades or recover from Ransomware without data loss. Stop wasting time managing backup jobs, and start automating backup policies. Search for VMs, physical databases and applications, or files just as you search on the web, with suggested search results as you type.


Rubrik offers easy-to-manage data archival that remains instantly accessible. Automate long-term data retention by setting policies in the same policy engine as your backup and replication schedules. Instantly access your archived data by searching a global index that catalogues all data, even if it’s stored in the cloud. Automate SLA compliance reporting and get notified early on capacity utilization and growth.


Rubrik provides asynchronous, deduplicated replication for site-to-site recovery. One policy engine allows you to setup backup, replication, and archival schedules on-site or in the cloud. Accumulate more recovery points for all your applications. Deliver point-in-time recoveries for database applications. Achieve near-zero RTOs from any VM replica without rehydration or additional storage provisioning.


Rubrik Edge is a software appliance that extends data protection and management to remote and branch offices. Deploy Edge at remote locations to backup locally, replicate to a central data center, and archive to the cloud with an easy-to-use interface. Use the same Rubrik interface to gain visibility into VMs, physical databases and applications, snapshots, SLA policies, and more.


Rubrik can be used to accelerate application test and development by providing multiple copies to developers from just one “golden image.” Rubrik offers native linkedcloning capabilities to allow any number of mounts to be created with no storage penalty. Users can provision as many copies to developers as needed within a sandbox environment. With Rubrik, enterprises can stand up, test, and tear down environments in minutes for databases and applications.



Instantaneous access allows businesses to deliver data availability and recovery real-time without impacting production. Rubrik introduces Google-like search, eliminating application and file search complexity inherent in legacy solutions. As the user types the query, Rubrik delivers predictive search results. The user can instantly locate specific versions of files across time and locations for all VMs, applications, and file systems - no matter where the data resides (on-premises or in the cloud).


Infrastructure automation allows enterprises to deliver data services quickly while saving time and resources. Rubrik offers an API-first architecture— even its HTML5 interface consumes RESTful API endpoints. Automate data protection, search, test/dev, and other custom lifecycle management workflows that play well with third party configuration management tools (Ansible, Chef, Salt, and Puppet) and can be delivered through service catalogs (vRealize Automation). Align technology to business needs with a single policy engine that automates service level agreements (SLAs) for all your workloads.


Deliver scalable and efficient data management by using Rubrik as an easy entry point into cloud services. Rubrik allows you to utilize public cloud (such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure) or private cloud object storage for data archival and disaster recovery. Users can easily set up archival locations, and globally search all archives to deliver data recovery. Rubrik ensures secure data archival, encrypting all data in-transit and at-rest in the cloud.

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