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Dimensions: W 4.2 x T 2.4 x H 6.3
Net Weight: 5.5 oz (without cable)
Cable: 6 USB
Optical Features
Field of View: 39.6 horizontal, 25.7 vertical
Depth of Field: 7.1 to 24.7 ( 5 mil to 20 mil)
Image Resolution: 752 H x 480 V pixels (wide VGA)
Illumination: 630 nm LED
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Wasp Barcode WDI4500 2D Barcode Scanner with USB Cable
Wasp Barcode WDI4500 2D Barcode Scanner with USB Cable 5465 Wasp Barcode WDI4500 2D Barcode Scanner with USB Cable 633808121419
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Model: 633808121419

Condition: New

Overview: Wasp Barcode Technologies WDI4500 2D Barcode Scanner with USB CableWasp
This product is no longer in production. Click below to view its replacement:
Wasp - Wasp Barcode WDI4600 2D Barcode Scanner with USB Cable

Rapidly read 1D and 2D barcodes and QR codes with the Wasp WDI4500 barcode scanner. The WDI4500 streamlines data entry, allowing you to instantly add barcode data to spreadsheets, word documents, and databases. Use the WDI4500 to improve efficiency and eliminate data-entry errors in healthcare, retail, office, shipping and receiving, travel, hospitality, manufacturing, and more.

Installing and using the WDI4500 is fast and simple. Connect the WDI4500 directly to your PC’s USB port, and you’re ready to begin scanning 1D and 2D barcodes. A built-in laser aiming guide ensures that you are scanning the right barcode, even on labels or printed pages with multiple barcodes. Customized programming is easy to implement, and allows you to add information to active documents in the right format for your organization.

Rely on the WDI4500 to deliver the reliability your business depends on. The WDI4500 can withstand multiple 5’ drops to concrete and features durable construction, designed to limit downtime – so your organization is always ready to scan barcode data.


  • Read 1D barcodes up to 25” away and 2D barcodes up to 15” away
  • Ideal for use in office, retail, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, shipping & receiving, and warehouse
  • Withstands multiple 5’ drops to concrete
  • Includes 6’ USB cable for easy installation
  • Compatible with optional hands-free stand for presentation-style scanning

Common Uses

  • Managing patient and prescription data in healthcare
  • Scanning 2D and postal barcodes in shipping & receiving
  • Processing tickets in hospitality and travel
  • Reading 1D and 2D barcodes on computer monitors and mobile phones
  • Tracking barcoded items in retail, manufacturing and warehouse


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