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LAN Interfaces (copper/SFP): 2
WAN Interfaces (copper/SFP): 2
Virtual Instances: 8
Power Supply: Single AC
Storage: 1 x 1TB
RAID Support: No
Throughput (Full Duplex): 1 Gbps
Simultaneous Connections: 1,000,000
Simultaneous Sources: 1,000,000
DDoS Attack Mitigation Response: < 26 Microseconds
Latency: < 2 seconds
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Fortinet FortiDDoS FDD-100A Appliance 8x5 FortiCare Contract - 1 Year
Fortinet FortiDDoS FDD-100A Appliance 8x5 FortiCare Contract - 1 Year 6307 Fortinet FortiDDoS FDD-100A Appliance 8x5 FortiCare Contract - 1 Year FC-10-01H00-311-02-12
MSRP: $3,750.00
US Shipments Only
Save: - $480.00
VeriSign® Secured

Model: FC-10-01H00-311-02-12

Condition: New

Overview: Fortinet FortiDDoS FDD-100A Appliance 8x5 Forticare Contract for 1 YearFortinet
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The FortiDDoS 100A puts comprehensive DDoS protection in the hands of smaller networks. It helps you protect your internet-facing infrastructure from threats and service disruptions by blocking malicious traffic while enabling critical data to continue to flow. Virtualization of the FortiDDoS appliance allows separate security policies on each segment for multi-tenant environments. Purpose-built FortiASIC Traffic Processors (FortiASIC-TP) delivers high-performance protection, even when under attack.

Proven DDoS Defense
Powered by the purpose-built FortiASIC-TPTM (Traffic Processors), the FortiDDoS family of purposebuilt network appliances provides effective, fast protection against DDoS attacks. FortiDDoS helps you protect your internet infrastructure from threats and service disruptions by surgically removing network and application layer DDoS attacks, while letting legitimate traffic flow without being impacted.

Differentiated Technology
The FortiDDoS network behavior analysis (NBA) system provides real-time visibility into malicious activity targeting your Internet-facing network. Its hardware-based policy enforcement ensures legitimate traffic will not be affected as it detects and blocks malicious behavior.

FortiDDoS appliances inspect traffic at up to 3Gbps full-duplex line speed, even under full scale attack without having to resort to sampling traffic to reduce performance bottlenecks. It automatically learns traffic patterns and behavior, and continuously updates its set of thresholds used for policy enforcement. By dynamically setting thresholds on the broadest range of Layer 3, 4 and 7 parameters, the FortiDDoS appliance detects and blocks attacks in a matter of seconds, requiring no intervention from an administrator.

Through its unique continuous learning capability, the FortiDDoS family differentiates between gradual build-ups in legitimate traffic and attacks, thereby eliminating false positives arising from campaigns or legitimate search engines.

Unmatched Visibility
FortiDDoS gives you granular visibility into your network’s behavior, accurately determining the source of an attack and allowing legitimate traffic through while blocking flood traffic. Source tracking pinpoints the address of a non-spoofed attack.

FortiDDoS immediately blocks dark address scans to prevent outbreak of worms and stealth activity. By preventing header and state anomalies, it further helps in providing a clean pipe to your network. By providing line-rate granular ACLs, FortiDDoS helps protect your infrastructure from unwanted traffic in the data center as well as at the perimeter.

By using Virtual Identification, FortiDDoS can segregate packets to eight discretely managed servers, subnets or networks into different policy domains using IP addresses/masks providing a second level of granular protection to your network.

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