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Meraki MR20 3 Pack

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Application: Mesh/Client Access
Polarization: Vertical
Antenna Gain: 5.5dBi
Wi-Fi Band: 5 GHz
Connector(s): efer to individual antenna specs
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Ruckus Wireless
Ruckus Wireless Bundle of two 911-0636-VP01 and one 911-0536-HP01, ZF7761-CM
Ruckus Wireless Bundle of two 911-0636-VP01 and one 911-0536-HP01, ZF7761-CM 7729 Ruckus Wireless Bundle of two 911-0636-VP01 and one 911-0536-HP01, ZF7761-CM 911-0636-VH02
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Model: 911-0636-VH02

Condition: New

Overview: Ruckus Wireless AT-0636-VH01, Two 5GHz Omni-Directional antenna, vertically polarized, 5.5dBi, direct attached to N-Type female connector and One 5GHz Omni-Directional antenna, horizontally polarized, 5dBi, direct attached to N-Type female connector.Ruckus Wireless
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Accurate network planning is one of most critical steps to successful Wi-Fi deployment, while poor planning leads to over-spending on infrastructure - resulting in spotty coverage and unhappy users.

ZonePlanner is ideal for designing and estimating Wi-Fi deployment headaches before the installation of any APs. With ZonePlanner, network managers can more easily and accurately plan, design, deploy and manage Ruckus Smart WLAN networks in any indoor environment.

ZonePlanner integrates directional, high-gain antenna patterns derived from BeamFlex, the Ruckus-patented and award-winning smart antenna array, and combines them with AirMagnet’s industry-leading planning tool.

Unlike other Wi-Fi APs on the market that use omni-directional dipole antennas to blindly radiate Wi-Fi energy in all directions, each Ruckus ZoneFlex AP integrates a high-gain directional smart antenna array that constantly focuses and directs Wi-Fi energy over the best performing signal paths to increase throughput and channel capacity while also significantly improving reliability and range.

By combining these state-of-the-art RF controls with powerful new planning tools, designing a world-class wireless LAN has never been easier.

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