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Firewall Throughput (Gbps): 50 / 110 Max
VPN Throughput (Gbps): 7 / 50 Max
IPS Default Profile (Gbps): 21 Default / 6 Recommended Profile
Connections per Sec.: 130K / 300K Max
Concurrent Sessions: 10M
10/100/1000Base-T/Max Ports: 13 / 37
1000Base-F SFP (Max): up to 36
10GBase-F SFP+ (Max): up to 12
40GBase-F (Max): NA
Expansion Slot(s): 3
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Check Point
Check Point 21400 Next Generation Firewall Appliance (FW, VPN, Mobile Access, ADNC, IA, APCL, & IPS) and VS-20 Bundle
Check Point 21400 Next Generation Firewall Appliance (FW, VPN, Mobile Access, ADNC, IA, APCL, & IPS) and VS-20 Bundle 8335 Check Point 21400 Next Generation Firewall Appliance (FW, VPN, Mobile Access, ADNC, IA, APCL, & IPS) and VS-20 Bundle CPAP-SG21400-NGFW-VS20
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Model: CPAP-SG21400-NGFW-VS20

Condition: New

Overview: Check Point 21400 Next Generation Firewall Appliance (with FW, VPN, Mobile Access, ADNC, IA, APCL, and IPS Blades) and VS-20 Bundle - Maintenance Support Contract is required to purchased along with this appliance.Check Point
This product is no longer in production.

Today’s firewall is a security device presented with an ever-increasing number of sophisticated threats. As a security gateway it must use multiple technologies to control network access, detect sophisticated attacks and provide additional security capabilities like data loss prevention and protection from web-based threats. The proliferation of mobile devices like iPhones and Tablets and new streaming, social networking and P2P applications requires a higher connection capacity and new application control technologies. Finally, the shift towards enterprise private and public cloud services, in all its variations, changes the company borders and requires enhanced capacity and additional security solutions.

Check Point’s new 21400 Appliance combines fast networking technologies with high performance multi-core capabilities—providing the highest level of security without compromising on network speeds to keep your data, network and employees secure. Optimized for the Software Blades Architecture, the appliance is capable of running any combination of Software Blades—providing the flexibility and the precise level of security for any business at every network location by consolidating multiple security technologies into a single integrated solution.

The 21400 Appliance supports the Check Point 3D security vision of combining policies, people and enforcement for unbeatable protection. To address evolving security needs, Check Point offers Next Generation Security packages of Software Blades focused on specific customer requirements. Threat Prevention, Data Protection, Web Security and Next Generation Firewall technologies are key foundations for a robust 3D Security blueprint.

Leveraging its multi-core and acceleration technologies, with 2900 SecurityPower Units, the Check Point 21400 appliance supports lightning fast firewall throughput of up-to 110 Gbps with sub 5µs latency and IPS throughput of more than 21 Gbps. The 21400 is designed from the ground up for unmatched flexibility for even the most demanding enterprise and data center network environments.

The 21400 appliance has 3 expansion slots supporting a wide range of network options. The 21400 standard configuration includes a twelve 1 Gigabit Ethernet copper port card. A maximally configured 21400 provides up to 36 Gigabit Ethernet copper or fiber ports or twelve 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber ports.

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