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Expansion Unit for: E18
Requires Dual Controller Base: Yes
Drive Bays: 18
Rack Mount U: 2
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Nexsan E18X Expansion Unit with 18x 600GB SAS Disks / 15K RPM, w/ 4 SAS Cables (Requires Dual Controller E18 Base System)
Nexsan E18X Expansion Unit with 18x 600GB SAS Disks / 15K RPM, w/ 4 SAS Cables (Requires Dual Controller E18 Base System) 9386 Nexsan E18X Expansion Unit with 18x 600GB SAS Disks / 15K RPM, w/ 4 SAS Cables (Requires Dual Controller E18 Base System) E18X-10P8/600
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Model: E18X-10P8/600

Condition: New

Overview: Nexsan E18X Expansion Unit with 18x 600GB SAS Disks / 15K RPM, w/ 4 SAS Cables (Requires Dual Controller E18 Base System)Nexsan
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The Nexsan e18™ is a block-level RAID storage system, representing a quantum leap in storage performance, density and efficiency with 18 SAS disks in only 2U of rack space. The new Nexsan e-Series™ RAID controller delivers blazing performance and enterprise-class reliability, making the e18 the perfect storage solution for virtualized environments and any transactional application demanding high performance and top-tier reliability.

with never-before-seen efficiencies, the e18 allows organizations to add more capacity while lowering overall power, space and cost requirements. when compared to typical arrays, the e18 delivers 3X the capacity while taking up 1/3 the space at half the power. The net accumulation of 87% reductions in power and cooling displaces significant cost requirements and carbon production.

High Performance
Available in single or dual controller configurations, the powerful e-Series controller contains 2GB of battery-backed cache with dual RAID engines to deliver blazing performance. Two 8Gbit FC ports and two 1Gbit iSCSI ports can be used simultaneously to support multiple workloads on a single, small array.

Enterprise-Class Reliability
The e18 meets the strictest business continuity demands with high availability features like full redundancy across all active components, including power supplies, ports, controllers, fans and disks. RAID sets can be automatically rebuilt with hot spares. Multi-path architecture ensures no single point of failure. State-of-the-art vibration dampening and air cooling channels
ensure leading reliability.

Extreme Density
The e18’s unique Active Drawer Technology™ represents the most innovative approach to high density management with two self-contained disk drawers. each active drawer contains 9 disks and tachometer controlled push and pull fan modules. Specially designed cables enable continuous operation even when a drawer is momentarily pulled out to perform easy disk or fan service.

Unprecedented Energy Savings
Nexsan’s exclusive AutoMAID® technology uniquely delivers “Speed with Green” by enabling up to 87% energy savings while providing near-instantaneous access to data. AutoMAID is granular to the individual disk drive and is easy to configure. with 4 different presets, users determine the level of energy savings desired.

High Performance Across Both Fibre Channel and iSCSI
e18 gives users the flexibility to utilize Fibre Channel or iSCSI connectivity or both simultaneously. Flexible, scalable and completely OS independent, e18 offers dual function FC and iSCSI connectivity with wire-speed throughput performance.

Easy Management
All Nexsan disk arrays come standard with a software suite that provides comprehensive storage management. Nexsan Storage Manager makes management easy with a single, intuitive browser-based interface. All local and remote Nexsan storage products can be easily and securely managed and monitored. windows users can utilize Microsoft’s storage management tools to perform common administrative tasks, thanks to VDS-compliance. integration with Microsoft Multi-path I/O (MPIO), as well as multi-path for Linux, OS X, the
e18 delivers higher performance and fault tolerance. with the Nexsan QuickStart configuration wizard, the disk array can be up and running in under 10 minutes. Customizations are a breeze with the Nexsan Storage Manager GUI.


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