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Expansion Unit for: E60
Requires Dual Controller Base: Yes
Drive Bays: 60
Rack Mount U: 4
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Nexsan E60X Expansion Unit with 60x 3TB Disks / 7200 RPM, w/ 4 SAS Cables (Requires Dual Controller E60 Base System)
Nexsan E60X Expansion Unit with 60x 3TB Disks / 7200 RPM, w/ 4 SAS Cables (Requires Dual Controller E60 Base System) 9411 Nexsan E60X Expansion Unit with 60x 3TB Disks / 7200 RPM, w/ 4 SAS Cables (Requires Dual Controller E60 Base System) E60X-180/3
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Model: E60X-180/3

Condition: New

Overview: Nexsan E60X Expansion Unit with 60x 3TB Disks / 7200 RPM, w/ 4 SAS Cables, 48 Bay (Requires Dual Controller E60 Base System)Nexsan
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The Nexsan E-Series represents the next generation of SAN storage systems delivering dramatic enhancements in efficiency and ease-of-use to help mid-market organizations, and the mid-tier of the enterprise, add more capacity while lowering overall power, space and cost requirements. innovative ease-of-use functionality makes deploying and managing storage as simple as possible for the resource constrained IT administrator.

The E-Series is comprised of the E60 storage system (60 drives in 4U), the e48 storage system (48 drives in 4U), and the E18 storage system (18 drives in 2U), as well as the E60X, E48X and E18X expansion units. The e-Series delivers industry leading density and power efficiency for the smallest storage footprint by consuming less than one third the power in one third the rack space as typical arrays.

Further enhancing storage efficiency and ease-of-use, the E-Series flexibly supports SATA/SAS/SSD drives in the same chassis along with a choice of I/O ports including 8Gb FC, or 10Gb iSCSI, or 24Gb SASX4; included with two 1Gb iSCSI ports. This level of flexibility and control is designed for organizations that need a single solution to handle the requirements of all their applications, whether capacity or performance driven. The E-Series uses dual raid engines per controller to deliver blazing wire- speed read/write throughput and high IOPS performance for varying workloads. The active/active dual controller configuration provides twice the I/O ports and increases system performance.

As much as the Nexsan E-Series boasts new levels of storage efficiency, efficiency is only measured during uptime. The E-Series meets and exceeds the most stringent reliability demands with a top-tier mechanical design that removes heat and vibration from the chassis via Cool Drive Technology and Anti-vibration Design. in addition, extensive drive stress testing qualifies E-Series system reliability before shipment. Array-based snapshots and asynchronous replication further the E-Series data protection capabilities.

The E-Series features high availability architecture ensuring no single point-of-failure with multipathing support and dual redundant, hot-swappable active components. SNMP alerts or email notifications are sent to the administrator in the event of a component or drive failure, and a spare drive is automatically rebuilt into the RAID set. with 4GB of battery-backed and flash-protected cache per controller, the E-Series mirrors cache between controllers in a dual controller configuration. The Nexsan Active Drawer Technology overcomes the challenges of other high density offerings by allowing a single drawer of drives to be easily pulled out and serviced by one person while keeping the system online.

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