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Sophos XG vs XGS – What’s the difference?

There’s a lot to learn about the new Sophos XGS firewalls. First thing is, it’s now called, simply, Sophos Firewall. The performance jump between the XG and the new XGS series is greater than it was between the SG series and the XG series that replaced it. Secondly, the XGS series firewalls have dedicated Xstream Flow processors, and they’re really something. These multi-core processors just make everything faster. Including the heavy-lift security functions likeā€¦.

TLS 1.3 Inspection

According to the latest statistics, approximately 90% of web traffic is encrypted.Problem is, encryption makes traffic invisible to most firewalls.

The Sophos XGS 87 now removes the blind spots caused by encrypted traffic. The speedy new processors allow you to use SSL Inspection without sacrificing speed and efficiency.

Deep Packet Inspection

Sophos believes you shouldn’t have to choose betrween security and performance. So, Sophos Firewall includes a fast Deep Packet Inspection engine. It scans your traffic without using a proxy, which tends to slow things down. The inspection processing is completely offloaded to the DPI engine. This reduces latency. In other words, it speeds things up.

Application Acceleration

Of course, let’s not forget that a lot of your network traffic is important application traffic. Traffic that’s supposed to be there, headed for branch offices, remote users, and so on. This trusted traffic can now be directed to FastPath, which will optimize performance further. This provides extra capacity for intelligently scanning traffic that does need DPI for malware and other threats.

Better connectivity

The new XGS series offers a range of built-in and optional expandable connectivity options. Compared to the XG series, the new models offer fundamentally more ports and in some cases more connection options for external modules. Sudden changes to the infrastructure can thus be better mastered with the new XGS firewalls.

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Side-by-side comparison

Sophos XGS87 vs XG86

Firewall Throughput3.7 Gbps3.1 Gbps
Threat Protection240 Mbps150 Mbps
XStream SSL375 Mbps75 Mbps
Firewall IMIX2.5 Gbps850 Mbps
XGS87 with Base License Request A Quote
XGS87 w/ Xstream Protection bundle Request A Quote

Sophos XGS107 vs XG106

Firewall Throughput7 Gbps3.55 Gbps
Threat Protection389 Mbps150 Mbps
XStream SSL420 Mbps75 Mbps
Firewall IMIX2.9 Gbps2 Gbps
XGS107 with Base License Request A Quote
XGS107 w/ Xstream Protection bundle Request A Quote

Sophos XGS116 vs XG115

Firewall Throughput7.7 Gbps4 Gbps
Threat Protection685 Mbps375 Mbps
XStream SSL650 Mbps130 Mbps
Firewall IMIX3.5 Gbps2.7 Gbps
XGS116 with Base License Request A Quote
XGS 116 w/ Xstream Protection bundle Request A Quote

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