Corporate Armor Connect and Fix – FREE remote support!

We’ve been talking a lot about remote access software recently. And with good reason, too. The demand for remote access solutions has skyrocketed since the COVID-19 outbreak. Well, we’re excited to offer you Corporate Armor Connect & Fix. It’s our own secure, reliable remote desktop software. CACF enables you to support your clients remotely. From anywhere in the world, anytime! You can also access mobile devices for technical support and remote management.

The the market for this kind of software is huge, and growing. With Remote Access and Control software, one can access a remote PC to solve a problem there. In other words, it’s tech support.

CACF has an impressive array of features for something you get for free. In addition, you can upgrade to ISL Online from there anytime you like. Corporate Armor has a number of options starting at just $139 per year. And, if you see yourself as an occasional user, there is a pay-per-use option, too. Read more about our partner ISL Online here.

Is CACF secure?

CACF has very high-security standards. ISL Online (the creator of CACF), is pretty obsessed with keeping your data safe and secure. Their security management systems are based on the globally recognized ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard.

CACF enables two-factor authentication. Plus, it integrates with external authentication services. And it guarantees AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption, exportable audit logs and automatic session recording. You can securely access and control Windows, Mac and Linux computers.


This software has low overhead. In other words, a small footprint. You don’t need to install anything. Therefore, it doesn’t leave a code on the PC for someone to copy and hack. And, it’s so easy to install, it can be up and running literally a minute from call.

Nifty customization options allow you to rebrand CACF to your own branding. You can also employ advanced security measures. CACF offers a unique licensing model, supporting an unlimited number of devices or clients. One license lets you start one remote session at a time. With two licenses, you can start two simultaneous sessions and so on.

Key features include screen sharing, unattended remote access, and permission management. There’s also chat messaging, session recording, file transfer, WakeOnLAN, and RDP routing. And the whiteboard is a pretty cool feature worth mentioning.

Aaaand MORE features…

Corporate Armor Connect and Fix can be deployed as a cloud service or on-premise. The license does not limit the number of users, installations or the number of clients users connect to.

The overall ease of use makes it perfect for daily use. Even logged in to multiple systems, you’ll likely notice little or no loss of speed. It gives you access to sleeping/powered-off computers, monitoring and alerts, and annotations.

Connection, setup and operation are straightforward and the feature range is convincing. Corporate Armor is proud to offer you CACF! If you have any questions, please email us or call 877-449-0459. Thanks for reading!

CACF highlights

Screen sharing
File transfer
Instant message
Remote management of servers & workstations
Multi-monitor support