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Brocade Switches and Technologies

From the world’s first Ethernet fabric technology, to an open controller that eliminates vendor lock-in, to a switch stack that you can distribute throughout your campus, our innovations give you choices. Whether that means functionality, vendors, or even locations beyond the wiring closet, every option is secure, economical, and easily manageable.

Brocade Fibre Channel SAN Switches
With Brocade Fibre Channel technology-based backbones and switches, you’ve got the firepower to deliver high-performance connectivity across the campus or across the globe. Scale your network on demand—move more data more places—as you keep costs of ownership reined in.
6510-SVS-NDP-1 Essential NBD Parts Only Support Maintenance 1-Year Contract for Brocade 6510

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6520-SVS-4P-1 Essential 4-Hour Parts Only Support Maintenance 1-Year Contract for Brocade 6520

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BR-6510-24-8G-R Brocade 6510 Fibre Channel Switch - 24 Ports, 24 x 8Gb Short Wave Length SFPs, Port side exhaust air flow

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G620-SVS-4P-3 Essential 4-Hour Parts Only Support Maintenance 3-Year Contract for Brocade G620

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