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FortiGate Firewalls

Advanced Technologies

Network Security

Cloud Security

  • FortiDDoS – Coming soon
  • FortiWeb – Coming soon
  • FortiMail – Coming soon
  • FortiADC – Coming soon

Fabric Manager

  • FortiManager – Coming soon
  • FortiMonitor
  • FortiAnalyzer – Coming soon

Access & Endpoint Security

Security Operations

  • FortiSIEM – Coming soon
  • FortiDeceptor – Coming soon
  • FortiSOAR – Coming soon
  • FortiSandbox – Coming soon
  • FortiNDR – Coming soon
  • FortiTester – Coming soon

Security as a Service

  • Cloud Management
    • FortiGate Cloud
    • FortiAP Cloud – Coming soon
    • FortiExtender Cloud – Coming soon
    • FortiAnalyzer Cloud – Coming soon
    • FortiManager Cloud – Coming soon
    • FortiSandbox Cloud – Coming soon
  • Cloud Service
    • FortiPresence VM
    • FortiToken Cloud – Coming soon
    • FortiPenTest
    • FortiMail Cloud – Coming soon
    • FortiWeb Cloud – Coming soon
    • FortiGSLB
    • FortiClient Cloud – Coming soon
    • FortiCWP – Coming soon
    • FortiConverter

Other Products

  • FortiWLM – Coming soon
  • FortiCWP – Coming soon
  • FortiCASB – Coming soon
  • FortiPhish – Coming soon
  • FortiAuthenticator – Coming soon
  • FortiDevSec – Coming soon
  • FortiVoice – Coming soon
  • FortiCamera – Coming soon
  • FortiRecorder – Coming soon
  • FortiSRA – Coming soon
  • FortiGuard SOC
  • FortiRecon
  • FortiGSLB – Coming soon
  • FortiGuest – Coming soon
  • FortiIsolator – Coming soon
  • FortiConverter
  • FortiProxy – Coming soon
  • FortiPAM – Coming soon
  • FortiFlex Licensing – Coming soon
  • Linksys – Secured by Fortinet

Legacy Products

FortiGate Mid-Range


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Let’s set up that new FortiGate: Initial Setup – Updated

JANUARY 3, 2024

Let’s set up that new FortiGate! Seemed like a good idea to do an updated version of a post we did a while back. The FortiGates are a very popular firewall line, and the desktop models find their way into the hands of a lot of people who work in small organizations that don’t have IT guys handy to take care of this for them.

When should you replace your firewall?

DECEMBER 5, 2023

Let’s start with the basics: a firewall is a network security device (either software or hardware) that oversees network traffic. It evaluates each connection and decides whether to allow or block it based on a defined set of security rules.

Are firewalls obsolete yet?

Are firewalls obsolete yet? Even if you don’t know much about internet security, you’ve probably heard the term firewall. You may think of movies about hackers trying to break into computer systems. Today, firewalls serve as the foundation of network security, a central architecture in modern computing.