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What is Linksys HomeWRK for Education?

Linksys HomeWRK for Education – Secured by Fortinet gives real, business-grade secure access to spread-out networks. It comes with top cybersecurity features to protect your classroom and home from an absolutely top security company: Fortinet.

Linksys HomeWRK for Education – Secured by Fortinet offers the essential hardware and software for creating an easily manageable remote learning network.

Linksys Mobile, their mobile virtual network, provides remote learning connectivity for students without internet access. This nationwide coverage uses the strongest 4G LTE signal in your area. And, flexible per-student plans are shared across your district.

In addition, advanced security features support CIPA compliance, making sure the internet in each student’s home is safe. The aim is to create a remote, turn-key, next generation firewall networking solution that’s affordable and easy to use. It will empower your K-12 education and remote learning network with a complete connectivity solution.

Linksys HomeWRK for Education Unlimited- Monthly

Monthly 4G/LTE subscription in the continental US for K-12 school districts and libraries. Unlimited data.


It comes in either monthly-or-annual subscriptions. It is tiered Standard (using 2GB/mo.), Plus (using 5GB/mo.), Premium (using 10GB/mo.), Platinum (using 20GB/mo.), and Platinum Plus (using 40GB/mo.).

Where does Fortinet come into it?

Linksys HomeWRK for Education is built with the latest FortiOS and security protection from FortiGuard. This platform is proven to safeguard against cyber threats introduced by home networks and automatically blocks suspicious malware, prevents intrusions, filters harmful content, and more.


This solution empowers IT to prioritize traffic for educational applications, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, to improve students’ and teachers’ online meeting experience from home. So with or without an existing internet connection, the 4G/LTE mobile hotspot works to power students’ connectivity needs on their laptops, tablets, and other devices.

School has been redefined. We’re no longer confined by classroom walls—teachers and students around the world are collaborating from home and on mobile devices. Linksys HomeWRK offers enterprise-grade cybersecurity, supports CIPA compliance, and brings a comprehensive solution for mobile connectivity.

The great thing is, there’s a solution for every school district. It doesn’t matter the size or location. With your choice of funding, you can have a flexible subscription service. One that offers internet access through Linksys Mobile and includes the broadband connection hardware needed for each student’s device. Multiple data plans are available, so it’s easy to pick the best option for you.

These Linksys devices are available right now, and Corporate Armor would love to answer any questions you may have. We WILL save you money on Linksys HomeWRK for Education, so email us or call 877-449-0458.

Linksys HomeWRK for Education highlights

Nationwide coverage
Built-in with leading Fortinet security
Zero touch setup
4G/LTE mobile hotspot powers students’ connectivity with or without an existing internet connection
Works for laptops, tablets, and other devices

Linksys HomeWRK for Education Monthly:

Linksys HomeWRK for Education Unlimited- Annual

Yearly 4G/LTE subscription in the continental US for K-12 school districts and libraries. Unlimited data.

Linksys HomeWRK for Education Annual:

Linksys Wi-Fi Hotspot device – hardware only

Linksys WiFi Hotspot device using 4G/LTE subscription in the continental US for K-12 school districts and libraries.

Linksys Wi-Fi hotspot – indoor hotspot

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