APC Smart-UPS RT 1000 Marine UPS – 700 Watt 1000 VA

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APC Smart-UPS RT 1000 – Marine – UPS – AC 220/230/240 V – 700 Watt – 1000 VA – RS-232 – output connectors: 6 – 2U – black

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APC Smart-UPS RT 1000 Marine UPS

The APC Smart-UPS RT 1000 Marine UPS provides high availability, ruggedized power protection for shipboard and other transportation applications. It rates AC 220/230/240 V – 700 Watts, and had 6 output connectors. It is a 2U rack mount unit.

From battery backups that safeguard against outages, to full-scale data center infrastructure. From surge protection and power conditioning to rack mounts and a host of other accessories. APC can help your home and business become more efficient, reliable, and connected.

The APC Smart-UPS series are a hugely popular and successful line of power backup systems. They go from entry-level up to full-on enterprise grade products. They are trusted by millions of IT professionals throughout the world to protect equipment and critical data from costly interruptions. They supply reliable, network-grade power reliably and efficiently.

Smart-UPS – Something for everybody

The Smart-UPS line is extensive. For the sake of simplicity, the original Smart-UPS line is listed here according to power rating (in volt-amps). Simply click to learn more about some of the APC Smart-UPS models rated for: 420 VA, 500 VA, 1000 VA, 1440 VA, 1500 VA, 1920 VA, 2200 VA, 2880 VA, 3000 VA, and 5000 VA.

Smart-UPS accessories

Smart-UPS accessories include various backplate PDU options, external standard and switched PDU options, matching battery cabinets for extending run time(Smart-UPS XL only), management devices, service products, and mounting options. These accessories can customize your solution to increasing availability, adaptability, serviceability, manageability, and performance. Call Corporate Armor at 866-530-8335 or email us for more info.


One feature that stands out on the APC Smart-UPS series is APC’s SmartConnect technology. This allows your UPS to be cloud-enabled. That means you can login via a secure portal via any internet-connected device. Then you can view the status of your UPS, receive notifications, get firmware updates and more.

So for those who don’t have time to monitor the UPS, this can be quite valuable. In addition, the UPS also has both line interactive topology (via an automatic voltage regulator), and uses a clean pure sine wave form for output. This makes it compatible with most any computer or audio gear.

Smart-UPS provides availability and manageability to your network so you can focus on business growth instead of business downtime. Smart-UPS is EcoStruxure enabled.

Be sure to give Corporate Armor a call at 866-530-8335, or reach out at [email protected] so we can answer all your APC Smart-UPS questions!

APC Smart-UPS RT 1000 Marine UPS

  • Automatic self-test
  • Power conditioning – protects connected loads from surges, spikes, and other power disturbances
  • Pure sine wave output on battery
  • Intelligent battery management – maximizes performance, life, and reliability with intelligent, precision charging
  • SmartSlot – customize UPS capabilities with management cards
  • Hot-swappable batteries – ensures clean, uninterrupted power 




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APC Smart-UPS: The world’s most popular for a reason!



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