APC Smart-UPS RT 48V Battery Pack UPS battery lead acid

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APC Smart-UPS RT 48V Battery Pack – UPS battery – 2 x battery – lead acid – black – for P/N: SMT30002U-BR, SMT3000RMI2UNC, SMT750RMI2UNC, SMX3000HV-BR, SMX3000LV2U-BR, SMX750INC

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APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #124

Over time UPS batteries wear out. This leads to a loss of power capacity and runtime. And there are several good reasons why you should only use a genuine APC Replacement Battery Cartridge in your APC UPS. For one, your APC Replacement Battery Cartridge is thoroughly tested for 100% compatibility with your APC UPS.

Secondly, they ship from a strictly managed warehouse to ensure every battery is brand new. Not only that, your APC Replacement Battery Cartridge comes with a 2-year warranty and UPS safety certifications. And, tested and trustworthy runtime information puts your mind at ease when selecting the replacement battery you need.

And lastly, these replacement battery cartridges support APC-authorized recycling for earth-friendly disposal.

As trustworthy as they come

APC Replacement Batteries are a hugely popular and successful line of power backup systems that go from entry-level up to full-on enterprise grade products. Millions of people throughout the world trust APC to protect equipment and critical data from costly interruptions. They supply reliable, network-grade power reliably and efficiently.

Using after-market replacement parts can mean erratic performance and lower lifespan of your replacement battery cartridge. The supposed savings are likely not worth it, especially considering that APC Replacement Battery Cartridges are reasonably priced and ship quickly.

You will receive the correct part just like you ordered it, and will enjoy Corporate Armor’s 5-star service along the way. Why not email us, or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458 with any questions!


  • Trusted by millions of people throughout the world
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty and UPS safety certifications
  • 100% compatibility with your APC UPS
  • Supports APC-authorized recycling for earth-friendly disposal
  • Fully assembled for easy hot-swap installation


APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #124 pdf


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Not sure which replacement battery you need? CLICK HERE to use APC’s easy UPS Replacement Battery Selector. And read more about APC Replacement Battery Cartridges.

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Weight 167.2 lbs
Dimensions 730.00 × 590.00 × 260.00 in

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