Aruba Networks Policy Enforcement Firewall for 3200 Controller (VIA/VPN Users)


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The ArubaOS Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF) module provides identity-based controls to enforce application-layer security and prioritization.

With PEF™, IT can enforce network access policies that specify who may access the network, with which mobile devices and which areas of the network they may access.

The Aruba AppRF technology integrated with PEF delivers mobile application traffic visibility through a simple dashboard that shows the applications in use by user and device.

Working with Aruba Adaptive Radio Management™ (ARM) technology, which optimizes Wi-Fi client behavior and makes sure that APs stay clear of RF interference, PEF makes intelligent decisions over the air based on its knowledge of mobile apps and devices.

Deep insight into Layer 4-7 traffic and intelligent analysis allows the Aruba AppRF technology in PEF to identify mobile apps, network services like Apple AirPrint and AirPlay, web-based applications, and encrypted applications.

About the 3000 Series
High-performance, standalone 3000 series Mobility Controllers from Aruba deliver a wide range of network services to medium and large regional offices. The 3000 series supports up to 8,192 users and performs stateful firewall policy enforcement at speeds up to 4 Gbps.

Through secure IP tunnels, Aruba access points (APs) and Mobility Access Switches move traffic to the 3000 series over a public or private transport network and provide local bridging at the access layer, depending on the end user application or IT traffic forwarding requirements.

In addition to supporting up to 128 APs or 32 Mobility Access Switches, the 3000 series can support up to 512 Remote APs (RAPs) when deployed in the data center as part of an Aruba remote networking solution.

The 3000 series also manages authentication, encryption, virtual private network (VPN) connections, IPv4 and IPv6 Layer 3 networking, the Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF), Aruba Adaptive Radio Management™ (ARM), and Aruba RFProtect™ Spectrum Analysis and Wireless Intrusion Protection capabilities.

Clustering and centralized management enable the deployment of large networks with hundreds of Mobility Controllers with minimal staff. A master Mobility Controller can manage local Mobility Controllers, while AirWave® provides enterprise-wide clarity and control through real-time monitoring, historical reporting and troubleshooting.

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