Axiom Memory Solutions 480GB C550n Series mSATA SSD 6Gb/s SATA-IIITAA Compliant550 MB/s Maximum Read Transfer Rate Warranty AXG97563


Axiom 480GB C550n Series mSATA SSD 6Gb/s SATA-III – TAA Compliant
The high-read speed of 550 MB/s maximizes system performance and saves time while you are doing complex tasks.
With the high-write speed of 485 MB/s, get a quick response when updating or transferring files.
Have data stored faster with SATA/600 interface that optimizes burst performance.
Provides sufficient storage capacity of 480 GB for your computer.
Silicon Motion SM2258 controller.
SATA 3.1 Compliant.
SATA 6.0Gb/s with 3Gb/s and 1.5Gb/s support.
ATA/ATAPI-8-ACS3 command set compliant.
SLC caching accelerates burst performance.
Direct-to-MLC mode.
Global wear leveling.
StaticDataRefresh technology.
Intelligent garbage collection.
Industry-standard, 512-byte sector size support.

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Axiom 480GB C550n Series mSATA SSD 6Gb/s SATA-III – TAA Compliant

The Axiom C550n Series mSATA SSD combines performance and reliability with low power operation to make the ideal mobile drive. The high read and write performance will satisfy the most demanding power user. While the low power mode extends battery life for the road warrior.
Providing an industry-leading bandwidth of more than 550MB/sec transfers, the Axiom C550n Series mSATA SSD can approach the limits of the SATA 6Gb/s interface on large transfers. Performance reaches enterprise class standards with up to 76,000 IOPS.
A robust LDPC algorithm and StaticDataRefresh technology protect the data. Efficient bad block management and reduced write amplification further bolster endurance. Drive health is monitored using an SSD-specific set of S.M.A.R.T. attributes. The combination of these techniques provides data protection unrivaled in the storage industry.

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