Battery Technology BTI Camcorder Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)1400mAh7.4V DC BTI-SGSBL-110B


BTI Camcorder Battery
Proprietary Battery Size battery – Ideal for replacing the older camcorder battery easily.
7.4 V DC battery – Powers your camcorder safely.
Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery chemistry delivers energy to the camcorder through an easily controlled reaction.

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BTI Camcorder Battery

Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 5.50 × 9.00 × 2.50 in
Application/Usage Camcorder
Battery Chemistry Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Product Type Battery
Compatibility <p><b>Samsung Camcorders:</b></p>DuoCam SC-D6040, DuoCam SC-D6050, DuoCam SC-D6050I, SC-D101, SC-D103, SC-D105, SC-D107, SC-D130, SC-D180, SC-D190, SC-D20, SC-D21, SC-D23, SC-D24, SC-D27, SC-D303, SC-D305, SC-D307, SC-D31, SC-D323, SC-D325, SC-D327, SC-D33, SC-D34, SC-D403, SC-D403A, SC-D5000, SC-D530, SC-D55, SC-D590, SC-D590 (T), SC-D60, SC-D6550, SC-D67, SC-D70, SC-D73, SC-D75, SC-D77, SC-D80, SC-D86, SC-D87, SC-D903, SC-D93, SC-D955, SC-D99, VM-A650, VM-A930, VM-B1300, VM-B1900, VM-B1900R, VM-B3710, VM-B710, VM-B730, VM-B770, VM-B97HS, VM-B990, VM-C1500, VM-C2000, VM-C5000, VM-C630, VM-C670, VM-C690, VM-C730, VM-C790, VM-C890, VP-26I, VP-D10, VP-D101, VP-D103, VP-D105, VP-D107, VP-D11, VP-D130, VP-D15, VP-D190, VP-D190I, VP-D190MSI, VP-D20, VP-D21, VP-D23, VP-D230, VP-D23I, VP-D24, VP-D250, VP-D26, VP-D270, VP-D30, VP-D301, VP-D303, VP-D305, VP-D307, VP-D31, VP-D323, VP-D325, VP-D327, VP-D327I, VP-D33, VP-D33I, VP-D34, VP-D34I, VP-D39, VP-D5000, VP-D5000I, VP-D530, VP-D530R, VP-D55, VP-D590, VP-D590I, VP-D60, VP-D6040, VP-D6050, VP-D6050I, VP-D65, VP-D70, VP-D73, VP-D73I, VP-D75, VP-D75I, VP-D76, VP-D77, VP-D77I, VP-D7L, VP-D80, VP-D82, VP-D85, VP-D87, VP-D87I, VP-D903, VP-D93, VP-D97, VP-D99, VP-D99I, VP-L900
Manufacturer Part Number BTI-SGSBL-110B
Manufacturer Website Address
Number of Cells 2
Limited Warranty 18 Month
Output Voltage 7.4 V DC
Manufacturer Battery Technology, Inc
Product Name Camcorder Battery
Brand Name BTI
Battery Size Proprietary Battery Size
Battery Capacity 1400 mAh
Battery Rechargeable Yes
GTIN 0745473120038
UPC 745473120038
EAN 0745473120038
UNSPSC 26111701