Battery Technology BTI DL-1525H Notebook For Notebook RechargeableProprietary Size7800 mAh11.1 V DC DL-1525H


BTI DL-1525H Notebook Battery
Solution for a battery that is about to expire, so you can replace it whenever needed.
Rechargeable battery – Lasts longer on a single charge than its disposable counterparts.
11.1 V DC battery – Powers your notebook safely.
Smaller and lighter than other rechargeable batteries, proving ideal for portable devices.

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BTI DL-1525H Notebook Battery

Additional information

Weight 1.68 lbs
Dimensions 11.80 × 3.80 × 2.10 in
Application/Usage Notebook
Battery Chemistry Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Product Type Battery
Compatibility <li>DELL INSPIRON I1545-4266IBU</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1545-4418CRD</li><li>DELL INSPIRON 1525</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1525</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1545</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1525-132B</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1545-012B</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1526-114B</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1525-134B</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1525-150B</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1545-3232OBK</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1545-3232</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1525-151B</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1526-101B</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1526-110B</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1526-112B</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1545-4266CRD</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1545-4266PPU</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1526</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1526B8103</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1545-014B-BLK</li><li>Dell INSPIRON 1546</li><li>Dell INSPIRON 15 (1545)</li><li>Dell VOSTRO 500</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1545-4203JBK</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1545-4374PDU</li><li>DELL INSPIRON 1545</li><li>DELL INSPIRON 1526</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1545-4374</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1546-2453</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1525-130B</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1525-149B</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1546-2453JBK</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1545-4845PPK</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1545-6150DD7</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1545-5551OBK</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1545-5876OBK</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1545-6556OBK</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1525-100B</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1525-118B</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1525-119B</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1525-129B</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1545-014B</li><li>DELL INSPIRON I1545-4266</li>
Manufacturer Part Number DL-1525H
Manufacturer Website Address
Number of Cells 9
Limited Warranty 18 Month
Output Voltage 11.1 V DC
Manufacturer Battery Technology, Inc
Product Model DL-1525H
Product Name DL-1525H Notebook Battery
Brand Name BTI
Country of Origin China
Battery Size Proprietary Battery Size
Battery Capacity 7800 mAh
Battery Rechargeable Yes
GTIN 0745473122834
UPC 745473122834
EAN 0745473122834
UNSPSC 26111701