Buffalo Technology Multi-Gigabit 8 Ports Business Switch (BS-MP2008)8 Ports10 Gigabit Ethernet10GBase-T2 Layer SupportedTwisted PairDes… BS-MP2008


Buffalo Multi-Gigabit 8 Ports Business Switch (BS-MP2008)
Optimize the performance of business networks with 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.
The desktop installation makes it ideal for deployments outside the wiring closet.
Layer 2 switch provides a complete lineup of features including IGMP snooping, port mirroring, and spanning tree.
Supports cost-efficient twisted pair cables for high-speed data transfer up to 100 meters.
Built-in power supply to ensure all components are being supplied with accurate voltage.
Expand your network capacity with the help of 8 networking ports and transfer your data quickly and easily.
Lifetime warranty with 24/7 North American-based technical support (with registration).
Entry-level priced multi-gigabit switch supporting network scalability for 2.5 / 5Gbps (IEEE 802.3bz) and 10Gbps (IEEE 802.3an).
Traffic management features available with VLAN/QoS. 2.5Gbps / 5Gbps speed without the need to upgrade to CAT6 cabling..
8 Ports / Durable metal chassis.
19inch Rack mounting tabs included / Internal Power Unit.

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Buffalo Multi-Gigabit 8 Ports Business Switch (BS-MP2008)
Buffalo’s BS-MP20 is an entry-level Multi Gigabit Business Switch supporting network scalability for 1 / 2.5 / 5 / 10Gbps.
This device is ideal for gamer PCs, desktop PCs, servers, NAS storage and AC Wave 2 Wireless Access Points.
Until now, 10GbE was an expensive technology and only for enterprise, but not anymore. With an affordable price, SMB/prosumers can benefit from the latest technology, and be ready for future data increases.

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Weight 7.406 lbs
Dimensions 9.06 × 12.99 × 1.73 in