Checkpoint CloudGuard Cloud Native Security & Sandblast – for AWS Gateway – annual subscription – 1-3 years

Checkpoint CloudGuard Cloud Native Security & Sandblast – for AWS Gateway – annual subscription – 1-3 years

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Checkpoint CloudGuard Cloud Native Security provides unified cloud native security. It watches over all your assets and workloads across your multi-cloud environment. This enables you to automate security, prevent threats, and manage your posture everywhere, from one place.

CloudGuard unifies cloud security to provide intelligent threat prevention. Securely protect and prevent threats across AWS, Azure, Google, VMware, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Kubernetes, etc all from one platform. Provide centralized visualization for all of your cloud traffic, security alerts, assets and auto-remediation all from one platform.

It also has a comprehensive compliance and security engine. As a result, CloudGuard prevents critical security misconfigurations, and ensures compliance with more than 50 compliance frameworks and best practices.

(A few) Check Point CloudGuard Features

With Automate DevSecOps, CloudGuard allows organizations to shift-left for DevOps to seamlessly evaluate, scale, and deploy your security in real-time. It’s done through integration with tools like CloudFormation and Terraform. And automatically define applications security profiles and enforce zero trust boundaries between workloads.

How can Checkpoint CloudGuard Cloud Native Security help your organization?

One example of how it helps your organization function is the slick single pane of glass. You can monitor a lot of devices in your environment through one place, instead of it all being distributed. You don’t have to log in to different systems, correlate the data, etc. Since it’s one pane of glass, the time to resolution and the time to find what you’re looking for are a lot shorter. You’re able to simply put all the data into one single pane of glass. You can look at it and decipher what’s going on a lot quicker.

Its’ Unified Security Management is useful in managing for on-prem appliances, and you can combine cloud and on-prem environments. Plus, you can manage multiple devices at different sites through the Management Server. So you’re managing all your scattered firewalls from this one place instead of having to log in to each one. Just correlate all the data from one place to unify your physical sites and tour cloud environment.

So advanced, it’s simple

Check Point CloudGuard is much more advanced than the native cloud security options, as you’d expect. There are far more options available. And the powerful management tools included give you great flexibility with Check Point.

Things you’ll like about Check Point CloudGuard

Identity Awareness enables you to build your policies around each user. You can say what each user, or group of users, like HR for example, can do.

Also, the visibility is a real plus. The single-pane-of-glass allows you to see all of your edge protection through one window and one log, which is great. Monitoring everything through one pane of glass is extremely valuable.

Their IPS feature nicely updates signatures regularly and does a lot of other things automatically in the background, a lot of hassle. It does its job blocking and organizes things for you to look at, and to pick and choose what preventions you need to have enabled. It’s all very user-friendly. You know exactly what you’re looking at and what I need to enable.

In addition, the reporting gives you a great deal of flexibility in building your own custom reports.

Check Point CloudGuard Native Cloud Security is a big product. It does a lot, and it may bring up a lot of questions about it’s capabilities. So please feel most welcome to email us, or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458!

Check Point CloudGuard superpowers

  • Web App and API protection
  • Cloud intelligence and threat hunting
  • Cloud Workload Protection
  • Security Posture Management
  • Cloud Application Security


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