Enterprise License for Meraki MS210-48 cloud-managed switch

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The Meraki MS210-48 cloud managed switch provides Layer 2 access switching for branch and small campus locations. The Meraki MS210 includes 4 x 1G SFP uplinks. and physically stacks with the MS225 to gain access to its 10G uplink.


You manage all Meraki switches through an easy-to-use cloud interface. To bring up a Meraki switch, simply plug it in. Meraki switches do not require CLI for switch configuration or port management.

The Meraki user interface is gloriously clean and easy to navigate, but quite powerful. Every Meraki product lives in the same place in the Meraki interface. Your switch, access point, and firewall will all know each other. They can work with other vendor’s appliances, but they work best with other Merakis.

The GUI is online, as mentioned. You can reach it from anywhere, as long as you have the credentials. So, you can manage the network from any device that has a browser. Meraki MS Series switches also easily stack. It’s all done for you in the Meraki cloud control panel.

Plus, because the MS210 is cloud-managed, it’s always ready to receive the latest firmware updates. Basically, the MS210 is no more difficult to set up than a simple hub, and you can manage multiple units from one location or by remote administrators.

If you have multiple Meraki switches in a network, they can easily be managed all at once. Or, you can configure in groups that need to behave differently.


Thankfully, there are many security features ‘living’ inside each Meraki switch. Of course, it has all the basic security one would expect from a switch, like the ability to use a RADIUS server for authentication. But here are also additional protections, necessary for a device designed to protect information legally protected by HIPAA away from prying eyes.

Absolute Layer Visibility and Control

Meraki is the only switch to include integrated Layer 7 fingerprinting. Identify hundreds of applications from business apps to BitTorrent and YouTube. User fingerprinting with Google-like search allows administrators to easily identify and control individual users, PCs, iMacs, iPads, Androids, and other devices. This unprecedented visibility allows optimizing of network resources and maintaining optimal network performance.

Meraki MS210-48 cloud managed switch features

The 210 series are Gigabit-speed Layer 2 switches, with Gigabit uplinks. Varying levels of PoE/PoE+ power are available as well. Additionally, all models support virtual stacking. The MS120 boasts switching capacity of up to 176 Gbps. The larger models, like the 48-port models, offer of PoE+ power, with options for a 740W power budget. Given their competitive pricing, that makes them a great choice for midsized offices.

Remember, Meraki switches utilize the same interface as all Meraki devices. With this price-to-performance ratio and ease of set-up, they are a great place to start looking. If you would like to know more about the Meraki MS series or any other Meraki product, please email us or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458.

Meraki MS210-48 Highlights

  • Access to 10G uplink by physically stacking with the MS225
  • 4 x 1G SFP uplink interfaces on all models
  • Built-in dual stacking interfaces with up to 80G bandwidth
  • Non-blocking switch backplane with up to 176 Gbps bandwidth support
  • Up to 740 watt PoE budget with PoE+ support and dynamic power allocation for APs, phones, cameras, and other PoE-enabled devices
  • 8 dedicated QoS queues for converged voice, video, and data applications
  • Lifetime hardware warranty and advanced replacement at no additional cost

Meraki MS210 datasheet

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