Cisco Meraki MS120-24 P L2 Cloud-Managed Switch with Enterprise License

1 Year, 3 Years and 5 Years options available

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The Meraki MS120-24 switch exists to address gaps in coverage for small to medium operations. These state of the art switches feature the excellent Meraki usability you’ve come to expect. And, they come in a variety of port numbers and price points to suit all budgets

Meraki MS120-24 usability

The clean, simple interface is quite powerful. The MS120 also has a full toolset for diagnosing network problems remotely. For example, it can fully capture live packets streaming through the switch for analysis. And, it can push out new rules and configurations automatically or on a schedule. Plus, because the MS120 is cloud-managed, it’s always ready to receive the latest firmware updates.

The MS120 is no more difficult to set up than a simple hub. Multiple units can be managed from one location or by remote administrators. Plus, if you have multiple Meraki switches in a network, they can easily be managed all at once. Or, you can configure in groups that need to behave differently.

MS120-24 features

There are really only small differences between the MS120 and MS210 series.The major differences are that the Meraki MS210 series have integrated power supplies and or support for secondary redundant power. They have physical stacking capability as well.

However, they’re all Gigabit-speed Layer 2 switches, with Gigabit uplinks. And, you have your choice of anything from 8 to 48 ports. Varying levels of PoE/PoE+ power are available as well. Additionally, all models supporting virtual stacking.

The MS120-24 boasts switching capacity of 20 Gbps, and a forwarding rate of 14.88 mpps. The larger models, like the 48-port models, offer of PoE+ power, with options for a 720W power budget. Given their competitive pricing, that makes them a great choice for midsized offices.

Remember, Meraki switches utilize the same interface as all Meraki devices. With this price-to-performance ratio and ease of set-up, they are a great place to start looking. If you would like to know more about the Meraki MS series or any other Meraki product, please email us or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458.


Meraki MS series highlights

Integrated multi-factor authentication
Zero-touch remote provisioning
20 Gbps switching capacity
Completely cloud-integrated with all Meraki products
Extremely granular role-based access control


Meraki MS series datasheet


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