Cisco Meraki Z3 Enterprise License for Teleworker Gateway

Meraki Z3 Teleworker Gateway Enterprise License

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The Meraki Z3 Teleworker Gateway is a do-it-all firewall, VPN gateway and router. It is designed to provide network access and security to telecommuters and other remote workers, while still having all the benefits of Meraki connectivity.  It is an extremely impressive device, with all the features packed in.

The Meraki Z3 is an upgrade to the Z1 in nearly all respects. It offers an incredible amount of usage flexibility in a desktop-sized package. Functionally, the Meraki Z1 and Z3 are nearly identical. However, in the Z3, most of its core attributes are now more powerful.

Under the hood

The Meraki Z3 supports 50 Mbps VPN connections (vs 10Mbps on the Z1) as well as upgrading the firewall to 100 Mbps.  Additionally, its security now includes 802.1x port authentication. It still has the same port arrangement, with a one-Gigabit uplink and four separate Gigabit Ethernet ports. Plus, it has the USB port for failover cellular connections.

However, the really impressive upgrade is in the WiFi. The Meraki Z3 Teleworker Gateway gets a full 802.11ac Wave 2 antenna array with a maximum speed of 1 Gbps. As a result, it’s now as fast as a dedicated standalone access point.

No other Meraki appliance packs so many features into such a tiny package. This is a network in a box, and is much more than just a telecommuting appliance.

The Meraki Z3 can literally take your Meraki network anywhere while still being fully run by the Meraki Dashboard back in the home office. The Z3 could easily be an all-in-one connection device for a home business, teleworker, or small office. It is perfect for just such uses. As such, the Z3 is super-simple to set up for non-technical teleworkers.

It’s a quick, seamless, painless process even for non-IT types. And once you’re up and running, you can enjoy true business-class security remotely! In conclusion, please call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458, or contact us at Sales@CorporateArmor if you would like to learn more about the Z3!


Meraki Z3 Teleworker Gateway At a Glance

  • 50 Mbps VPN connections
  • Layer 7 Traffic Inspection and Traffic Shaping
  • 100 Mbps Firewall Throughput

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