Cradlepoint CBA850 Branch LTE Adapters with LP6 Modem and 1 Year NetCloud Essentials & 24×7 Support


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The Cradlepoint CBA850 is an LTE Gateway modem. It provides a cellular internet connection to any traditional router. It works the same way one would use a cable or DSL modem. In short, it brings cellular connectivity to any device that needs it. The CBA850 is ideal for temporary networks, or any place wired connections are impractical.

For example, Cradlepoint have long appealed to RVers and boaters with their demanding mobile internet needs.

What is a router, exactly?

Basically, a router does one simple thing. It connects two or more devices to the same network. It can serve as mainline or back-up connectivity. A basic home router can simply inter-connect the devices within your home or office and nothing else. For instance, if you want to print a photo from your smartphone to your home printer. All you have to do is connect the two devices to the router’s wireless hotspot.

LTE modems are an evolution of the technology that normally provides Internet access to your phone. Wi-Fi works best for servicing wireless local area networks. On the other hand, LTE works well for long-distance communications and roaming. LTE is excellent for temporary applications, or as backup in case of failure of the primary connection.

LTE as a temporary Internet connection makes sense. That’s because of one of LTE’s advantages; it’s super easy to set up. In the business world, this speed and flexibility can be a short-term lifesaver.

LTE: Not just a temporary fix

However, LTE is definitely ideal as permanent connectivity for a lot of fixed and mobile use cases. There could be various reasons for using an LTE router for permanent, primary connectivity. Some of the most common examples would be retail stores or pop-up shops where there is a lack of wired connectivity.

The CBA850 is a simple drop-in device if you need excellent management capabilities and an always-on network. It allows you to remotely control any out-of-band device that lacks a static IP address. Just use the RJ45 serial port and Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager service. Then connect to the internet. It can be done by plugging in your mobile hotspot, jetpack or other compatible USB mobile broadband device. This failover connection is sent throughout the network. And it gives your business more uptime with fast 3G/4G/LTE speeds.

The CBA850 comes with a cloud-based plan called NetCloud. It is a secure networking plan perfect for IoT and machine-to-machine uses. It’s similar to the bundles that firewalls often come with. This service adds greatly to the features and capabilities of your router. For example, NetCloud offers secure, cloud-based management and control of your CBA850. Cradlepoint offers Netcloud in three and five-year software subscriptions that include 24×7 support.

So, if you have any further questions about the CBA850, LTE, or anything else, please email us or call Corporate Armor at 866-938-5131.

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