CradlePoint MC20BT network adapter BF-MC20-BT


Cradlepoint MC20BT – Network adapter – Bluetooth 5.1 LE – for Cradlepoint E300, E3000

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Description: BT LOW ENERGY 5.1 BLE MOD FOR E300/E3000
Cradlepoint MC20BT – Network adapter – Bluetooth 5.1 LE – for Cradlepoint E300, E3000

The MC20BT Bluetooth module and antenna is an accessory for Cradlepoint E300 and E3000 Series routers that enables Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity for IoT use cases for small to mid-size branches. Example use cases include gaining on-location insights, optimizing operational efficiency, monitoring foot traffic, targeted guest engagement with proximity marketing, and connectivity to BLE-based IoT sensors. The all-in-one networking and IoT solution makes it easy to provide edge-to-cloud connectivity to deliver telemetry data from Bluetooth sensors to their IoT applications in cloud or data centers. Instead of requiring Bluetooth gateways with a distinct management console, boxes, and cabling, Cradlepoint offers an easy way to add Bluetooth to branch locations as a part of a secure, cloud-managed network.

Key Selling Points
Operates in both a gateway mode for sensor connectivity or as a beacon for proximity marketing and location analytics
Manages and remotely configures the Bluetooth radio through Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager
Provides status of the BLE interface as well as client analytics on a dashboard while in the gateway mode
Eliminates the hardware and management burden of a dedicated Bluetooth network for small footprint locations
Supports Wi-Fi and BLE coexistence to mitigate potential interference delivering better performance when both radios are active

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