EMC VNX 5600 Series SAN & NAS Storage Array – Configurable up to 2.0 PB Raw Storage

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With EMC VNX5600 data storage, you have the speed and efficiency you need for mixed workloads. Powerful multicore optimization with MCx gives you performance that scales.

And you’re ready to roll out a FLASH 1st strategy. Configure this unified storage system with FAST Cache and flash storage for the highest performance and the lowest latency. Automate storage tiering with FAST VP to help drive down the cost per gigabyte.

These EMC VNX systems maximize efficiency with block- and file-level compression and deduplication. It’s easier to do much more with much less data storage capacity.

Key features:

  • Provides unified block, file, and object support
  • Delivers scalable performance with MCx multicore optimization
  • Expands to 2 PB max raw capacity
  • Enables easy storage provisioning for virtual machines: VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Pairs with FAST Suite to optimize performance and cost
  • Simplifies administration with EMC Unisphere Management Suite
  • Secures information with optional Data-at-Rest Encryption ([email protected])
  • Protects data with optional local, remote, and application protection solutions

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