EMC VNX Security & Compliance Suite for the VNX series – File-Level Retention & Third Party Integration

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VNX Security and Compliance Suite software provides complementary tools that help secure the modern data center. This suite of software helps you keep data safe from changes and deletions.

  • File-level Retention: Lock down (WORM) file systems to avoid malicious or accidental changes to meet SEC Rule 17a-4(f) compliance requirements.
  • Integration: File system alerting allows integration with third party antivirus checking, quota management, and auditing applications.

EMC VNX Series: High-performing unified storage with unsurpassed simplicity and efficiency, optimized for virtual applications. With the VNX Series, you’ll achieve new levels of performance, protection, compliance, and ease of management.

The VNX series enables you to leverage a single platform for file and block data services. Centralized management makes administration simple. Data efficiency services reduce your capacity requirements up to 50 percent.

Optimize for virtual applications with VMware and Hyper-V integration. You'll triple the speed of virtualized SQL and Oracle workloads and boot up to 1,000 virtual desktops in less than eight minutes.

Ensure that active data is automatically stored on flash drives while less active data is tiered to high-capacity drives. EMC VNX fully automated storage tiering (FAST) simultaneously delivers both the highest performance and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Gain flash and EMC MCx multicore optimization that delivers up to four times the transactional performance with increased bandwidth and low latency. Implement VNX as an all-flash array for low money per gigabytes, consistent performance, and latency.

Deliver the highest levels of application availability and data protection with continuous operations and any-point-in-time recovery. Data-at-rest encryption provides physical protection.

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