Fortinet FortiAP-112B / FAP-112B Secure Wireless Access Point – Single Band, Single Radio, 65Mbps – Power Adapter & PoE Injector

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This product has been discontinued.


The Need for a Fortified Wireless LAN
Enterprises are looking to increase productivity through uninterrupted access to applications and resources, without compromising security and agility. You want to increase visibility and control of your wireless network traffic by enforcing the same policies as your wired network and eliminate potential blind spots. . You also need a solution that helps you meet compliance by proactively blocking unauthorized access, providing tools for business continuity, and following industry best practices.

The Wireless Access Point FortiAP-112B is an outdoor IEEE 802.11b/g/n economically priced to provide wireless access on 2.4GHz frequency up to 65Mbps. The wireless access point FortiAP 112B has built-in directional antenna, which concentrates the signal up to 6dB allowing for high performance point to multipoint connections. Just like all wireless access point FortiAP products, you can configure this versatile access point in AP mode, Mesh mode, Bridge Mode, or as a remote AP.

  • In AP mode it can provide outdoor wireless access and leverages the FortiGate security and authentication features such as Guest user self provisioning, metered bandwidth hotspots.
  • You can use the same AP as a Mesh wireless client, enabling point to multipoint coverage for large outdoor coverage. The AP includes dual ethernet interfaces, allowing a Mesh node to bridge traffic to a remote (such as a security camera) or bridge two LAN networks in different buildings.
  • You can also install the access point by itself at a remote location without a physical FortiGate onsite. It will tunnel its traffic securely over the Internet to a cloud-installed wireless controller allowing versatile yet low cost deployment.

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