Fortinet FortiAuthenticator-VM upgrade license 10000 users FAC-VM-10000-UG

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FortiAuthenticator-VM – Upgrade license – 10000 users

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FortiAuthenticator-VM – Upgrade license – 10000 users

The FortiAuthenticator VM delivers centralized, secure two-factor authentication for a virtual environment with a stackable user license for the greatest flexibility. Supporting from 100 to 100000 users, the FortiAuthenticator-VM supports the widest range of deployments, from small enterprise right through to the largest service provider.

Key Selling Points
Low cost per user and a stackable licensing model makes the FortiAuthenticator-VM one of the most flexible and cost effective solutions in the market
Standards-based secure authentication which works in conjunction with FortiTokens to deliver secure two-factor authentication to any third-party device capable of authentication via RADIUS or LDAP
Hardened appliance which can be deployed in minutes to secure access to your network infrastructure
Integrates with existing solutions such as LDAP or AD servers to lower the cost and complexity of adding strong authentication to your network
Support for email and SMS tokens enables rapid deployment of two-factor authentication without the need for additional dedicated hardware
User self service password reset lowers your costs by allowing your users to reset their own password without administrator intervention
Certificate authority functionality simplifies your CA management and delivers user certificate signing, FortiGate VPN, or server x.509 certificates for use in certificate-based two-factor authentication
Upgrade path from FortiGate/FortiToken allows you to maximize your existing investment and scale your two-factor deployment when needed

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