FortiClient VPN/ZTNA Agent and EPP/APT subscription plus FortiCare 24×7 2000 endpoints FC3-10-EMS05-429-01-12

FortiClient VPN/ZTNA Agent and EPP/APT – Subscription license (1 year) + FortiCare 24×7 – 2000 endpoints – EMS hosted by FortiCloud

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FortiClient VPN/ZTNA Agent and EPP/APT subscription plus FortiCare – The ZTNA Edition of FortiClient provides the requirements for a remote worker to connect to the network with a minimum level of control. This edition enables both ZTNA and VPN encrypted tunnels, as well as URL filtering and USB device control.

The EPP/APT Edition of FortiClient expands on the capabilities of the ZTNA Edition by adding AI-based next-generation antivirus (NGAV), endpoint quarantine, and application firewall, as well as support for cloud sandbox.

What is a Fabric Agent?

It’s a bit of software that runs on an endpoint such as a laptop or mobile device. It “talks” with the Fortinet Security Fabric to provide information and control to that device. FortiClient also secures remote connection to the Security Fabric. Basically, it’s a full fledged VPN outbound connection editor. You can set up SSL-VPN and IPsec VPN connections here and edit client settings.

As a self-managed solution, FortiClient is very easy to use. It simply runs off the default scanning and firewall configs in FortiGate. Used this way, the program’s core components can be set up in just a couple of clicks. And, FortiClient is easy to use with any WiFi connection. That means you don’t have to worry about having limited access from an airport, hotel room, coffee shop, etc.

In addition, it’s a very good endpoint protection, stopping known vulnerabilities in their tracks. FortiClient also features behavior based detection which helps protect against zero day attacks. It is even good for vulnerability scanning.

Designed as a simple, easy to use endpoint solution to an Enterprise Management Service, FortiClient is a very solid solution with a very budget friendly price. If you have any questions, please email us or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458.  FortiClient datasheet

FortiClient VPN/ZTNA Agent and EPP/APT subscription – Highlights

  • Integrated VPN, firewall, and vulnerability detection
  • IPSec VPN access
  • AntiVirus protection
  • Scans malware on a very high level
  • Extremely secure VPN connections


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Product Description FortiClient VPN/ZTNA Agent and EPP/APT - subscription license (1 year) + FortiCare 24x7 - 2000 endpoints
Product Type Subscription license - 1 year
Category Security applications - security management, VPN software, advanced threat detection
License Qty 2000 endpoints
Bundled Support FortiCare 24x7
Licensing Details EMS hosted by FortiCloud
Details EMS hosted by FortiCloud