Fortinet FortiConverter subscription license FC-10-F11DE-189

FortiConverter – Subscription license renewal (1 year) – Win – for P/N: FG-1100E-DC

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FortiConverter – Subscription license renewal (1 year) – Win – for P/N: FG-1100E-DC

With many of today’s emerging technology, a challenge that often arises is that of migration. As we all know, today’s technology is ever moving forward and with this comes its own issues. One of the most common ones is that of transitioning older complex configurations onto new and next generation solutions. This, from a high level, can look like a relatively simple task; however, for any manager of security solutions, they will see this as one of the biggest headaches that they face.
With FortiConverter, Fortinet offers their customers a simple supported process for this. Historically, this has been a heavily manual or professional services driven engagement and there are a number of reasons for this. The primary reason is often complexity. Device configurations can often grow organically and while individual changes can be managed relatively easily, when the task is to transfer whole configurations to new platforms, the task becomes substantially more difficult. An additional challenge is that very often old and redundant information exists in configurations and these complicate the migration process. With FortiConverter, this process is massively simplified and automated while errors and redundant information are highlighted quickly, enabling a smooth transition process to the next generation platforms.

Key Selling Points
Allows migration to FortiOS solutions
Eases the pain of vendor transition
Translation of complex policy sets
Removal of historical configuration errors
Automatic validation of new configurations

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1 Year

Product Description FortiConverter - subscription license renewal (1 year) - 1 license
Product Type Subscription license renewal - 1 year
Category Utilities - system deployment & migration
License Qty 1 license
Platform Windows
Designed For P/N: FG-1100E-DC