Fortinet FortiDeceptor 1000G security appliance FDC-1000G


Fortinet FortiDeceptor 1000G – Security appliance – GigE – 1U – rack-mountable

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Fortinet FortiDeceptor 1000G – Security appliance – GigE – 1U – rack-mountable

Fortinet Security Fabric provides unified, end-to-end protection with Fortinet Next Generation Firewalls to tackle advanced persistent threats. Adding FortiDeceptor as part of a Breach Protection strategy helps evolve your defenses from reactive to proactive with intrusion-based detection layered with contextual intelligence. It automates the blocking of attackers targeting IT devices and OT system controls. FortiDeceptor automatically lays out a layer of decoys and lures, helping you conceal your sensitive and critical assets behind a fabricated Deception Surface to confuse and redirect attackers while revealing their presence on your network.

Key Selling Points
Simple and easy to use with a wizard-based setup of IT/OT/IoT decoys and lures finetuned to your environment and centrally manage a distributed deception deployment across your IT and OT environments
Rapid investigation with intelligent incident correlation into a campaign timeline of all activities including access, tools used, lateral movement, and more, layered with contextual threat intelligence from FortiGuard Labs
Eliminate early stage attacks with Security Fabric integration including FortiGate, FortiNAC, FortiSOAR, and third-party
Elevate threat visibility and hunting with FortiSIEM and FortiAnalyzer

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Weight 52.56 lbs
Dimensions 23.6 × 17.2 × 1.7 in