Fortinet FortiGate-311B / FG-311B UTM Firewall Security Appliance

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The FortiGate-311B multi-threat security appliance delivers proven, consolidated security at switching speeds. Its enterprise-grade performance and no per-user pricing make it ideal for your growing enterprise. The FortiGate-311B appliance integrates two purpose-built security processing ASICs to provide the high-performance protection you need in your network. The FortiASIC™ Network Processor provides acceleration for firewall, encryption/decryption, signature, and heuristic packet scanning. The FortiASIC Content Processor provides additional acceleration for content intensive security technologies such as intrusion prevention and antivirus scanning.

The FortiGate-311B appliance's eight hardware-accelerated interfaces (expandable to 12) enable you to enforce firewall policies between network segmentation points for increased security, while preserving switch-like performance. The modular expansion slots give you even more flexibility, offering incremental ASIC-accelerated ports for additional throughput or increased disk-based storage. The appliance's included storage provides localized event logging, content archiving, or WAN optimization. The FortiGate-311B appliance enables you to create multiple security zones for various departments, users, access methods and devices, to enforce your critical network security at accelerated speeds.

FortiGate-311B Benefits

  • ASIC-acceleration delivers wire-speed firewall and near wire-speed IPSec VPN performance, combined with superior IPS and antivirus/antispyware/antimalware operation.
  • Modular expansion offers you maximum configuration flexibility, such as additional hardware-accelerated gigabit Ethernet ports.
  • Integrated multi-threat security features provide the ability to augment existing systems or replace aging security infrastructures, increasing security while protecting the value of your investments.
  • Internal network security segmentation delivers increased security, with security event isolation and greater network visibility.
  • Available integration with FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer appliances lowers your operating expenses by simplifying security management, reporting, and analysis.
  • FortiGuard Subscription Services deliver automated, real-time, up-to-date protection against emerging security threats and exploits.

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