Fortinet FortiSwitch 324B-POE, 24 Port Gigabit Switch with 4 Shared Ports (SFP or Copper), 20 PoE & 4 PoE + Injector Ports

Fortinet FortiSwitch 324B-POE Ethernet Switch
Featuring Fast Ethernet ports to speed up the transfer rate up to 100mb/sec of large files and digital assets across your network.
Rack mounting enables you to organize wires & secure cables for professional installation.
With leading Layer 2 support, experience enhanced convenience, secure business operations, and a borderless network experience.
Management capability provides control over setup and configuration of your network.
Electrical power is transmitted along with data in a single cable to devices such as Access Points, IP cameras or IP phones.
With PoE+ Port, transfer data and up to 25.5 W of power on a single cable to places where a power outlet is not present.
Built-in power supply to ensure all components are being supplied with accurate voltage.
Expand your network capacity with the help of 20 networking ports and transfer your data quickly and easily.

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Rightsize switch deployment
Fortinet’s FortiSwitch family of Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and 10 Gigabit switches delivers outstanding price, performance, and scalability to organizations with diverse operational needs. The FortiSwitch platforms are purpose-built to meet the Ethernet infrastructure and provisioning needs of today’s network edge. You can scale up/out your operations performance needs with ease of use and low cost of ownership to meet the demands of bandwidth-intensive applications from small offices to large datacenters.

The FortiSwitch-300 series family is ideal for the next generation of LAN switch upgrade where higher productivity is achieved through faster transfer times over dedicated Gigabit Ethernet (GE) connections. The FortiSwitch-324B switch utilizes a 24-port interconnect fabric with 48Gbps of non-blocking switching capacity. This managed switch also provides VLAN segmentation capability for voice, video, data and wireless traffic support. The FortiSwitch-324B-POE is packaged in a compact 1RU form factor and designed to connect network devices to the Ethernet fabric without costly modifications, thereby reducing your overall deployment costs.

The built-in Power over Ethernet power supply in FortiSwitch-324B-POE provides up to 185 Watts of power, shared among all 24 ports. In a typical office setting you can connect PCs/printers and power the wireless APs and VOIP phones. All ports are capable of sourcing 15.4 Watts of power and the first 4 ports are high power ports capable of sourcing up to 30 Watts for demanding devices such as high power wireless access points or motorized security cameras.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 12.00 × 17.30 × 1.60 in