Fortinet FortiToken 300 50-Pack USB Tokens for PKI Certificate and Client Software, Perpetual license


Fortinet FortiToken 300 – Hardware token (10 years) – blue (pack of 50)

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Why do you need FortiToken? Basically, because secure passwords aren’t enough anymore. And, with the rising sophistication and frequency of phishing attacks. A secure account needs a second method of authenticating users. Thankfully, most of the larger internet-based companies have made it simple.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is becoming the new standard for beefing up digital security. Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to secure an online or mobile account with just a password. Corporate Armor partner Fortinet has a series of 2FA products, called FortiToken. With Fortinet’s FortiToken, a password is used along with a security token and authentication server. It provides far better security.

Enter FortiToken

The FortiToken 300 is a USB Token for X.509 PKI certificates. It is used in securing Internet transactions for applications including signing/encrypting email, PDF documents, Microsoft Office files, and software, as well as for strong authentication to your VPN or web-based applications.

FortiToken-300 USB Smart Card Token Features & Benefits

Driverless USB device simplifies client installation on a variety of platforms – Windows, Linux and MacOS

High-performance smart card chip with on-board RSA, DES, 3DES, SHA-1 and random number generator provides for fast, secure processing

FIPS-140 compliance for secure cryptographic operations

MS-CAPI and PKCS#11 APIs supported for use with a wide range of applications

Low cost PKI authenticator with no subscription charge making this an affordable option for strong authentication in the enterprise

Two levels of password; user and admin allow for separate Token Manager Tools for end-user and admin


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