Fortinet FWB-100D / FWB-100D 24×7 FortiCare plus AV, FortiWeb Security Service, & IP Reputation Subscription – 5 Year


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Web app firewalls like Fortinet’s Fortiweb 100D protect businesses from attacks targeted at applications. Without an application firewall, hackers could infiltrate the broader network through web application vulnerabilities. WAFs protect businesses from common web attacks. Attacks like direct denial-of-service, SQL injection, and Cross-site scripting. Network firewalls, on the other hand, protect against unauthorized traffic going in and out of the network. For example, man-in-the-middle attacks, and privilege escalation.

Buying separate firewalls to protect every layer of security is expensive and cumbersome. So businesses now lean towards comprehensive solutions like next-generation firewalls. NGFWs combine the capabilities of network firewalls and WAFs into a centrally managed system. They also provide extra context to security policies. And this is vital to protect businesses from modern security threats.

However, standard firewalls and WAFs like the Fortinet FWB-100D protect against different types of threats. For example, a network firewall alone will not protect businesses from attacks against webpages. These are only preventable through WAF capabilities. So without an application firewall, a business’ network could be open to attack through web application vulnerabilities. However, a WAF doesn’t protect at the network layer. That’s why it should supplement a network firewall rather than replace it. These two firewalls don’t compete, they compliment each other.

What does a web application firewall guard against? 

FortiWeb plays a specialized role in the “threat kill-chain.” It protects applications from code injection, cookie signing and custom error pages. It also guards against request forgery and URL encryption.

If your organization needs an application firewall such as FortiWeb, it should have a few important features. The WAF should have a hardware accelerator, monitor traffic and block malicious attempts. It should be highly available. And it should be scalable to maintain performance as the business grows.

Of course, the Fortiweb 100D integrates with leading third-party vulnerability scanners. These include Acunetix, HP WebInspect, IBM AppScan, Qualys, IBM QRadar, and WhiteHat. They provide dynamic virtual patches to security issues in application environments. Vulnerabilities found by the scanner are quickly, automatically turned into security rules by FortiWeb. From then on, they protect the application until developers can address them in the application code.

Corporate Armor is ready to help you make the decision of whether a WAF like the Fortinet FWB-100D is right for your organization. So why not email us, or call 877-449-0458 and let our experts steer you in the right direction.


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