Fortinet FortiWiFi-80CM Wireless Support 8×5 FortiCare Contract 1 Year (New Units and Renewals)

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Fortinet has Discontinued 8x5 Support and replaced with 24x7. Fortinet replacement SKU FC-10-00082-247-02-12 - Click Below

Fortinet FortiWiFi-80CM Wireless Support 24×7 FortiCare Contract 1 Year (New Units and Renewals)


The FortiWiFi-80CM/81CM multi-threat security platforms deliver comprehensive enterprise-class protection and performance at a low price. The FortiWiFi platforms make it easy and affordable for you to protect all of your wireless-enabled remote locations, branch offices, and retail networks with Fortinet’s market-leading security. With the FortiWiFi platforms’ integrated set of essential security technologies, you can deploy a single device that protects your applications and data against today’s sophisticated, multi-vector threats. The simple per-device pricing and integrated management console significantly reduce your costs associated with purchasing, deploying, and managing each of these technologies independently.

FortiWifi multi-threat security platforms deliver an unmatched range of security technologies. They integrate firewall, IPSec and SSL VPN, antivirus, antispam, intrusion prevention and web filtering into a single device at a single price. They also include data loss prevention (DLP), application control, and endpoint NAC. The FortiWiFi -80CM/81CM platforms specifically address many policy enforcement requirements included in government or industry regulations, such as PCI DSS.

The internal storage in the FortiWiFi-81CM also enables local caching of data for policy compliance or WAN optimization. WAN optimization lowers your networking costs and improves your application and network performance by reducing the amount of data transmitted over your WAN. Fortinet’s Global Threat Research Team and ICSA Labs-certified inspection engines ensure that you have the best possible protection in your network.

FortiWiFi-80CM/81CM Benefits

  • Integrated, all-in-one security delivers enterprise-class multi-threat protection for remote locations, businesses, small businesses, and home offices.
  • Internal storage in FortiWifi-81CM provides local archiving of data for policy compliance or WAN optimization.
  • PC Card slot supports broadband wireless such as EV-DO, W-CDMA, HSPA, and GPRS, which provides mobile network connectivity for remote deployments, or as a backup solution.
  • Dual WAN links for redundant ISP connections deliver higher availability with load balancing and failover, and bring scalability and reliability to telecommuters and small or home office applications.
  • DMZ link allows isolation of critical outward facing functions such as email for increased security.
  • Six internal security zone or switch ports eliminate need for additional hub, reducing equipment investment and management burden.
  • Integrated built-in analog modem for backup connectivity.
  • Multiple SSID capability supports up to four independent wireless access networks, enabling unencrypted guest or contractor access to Internet while keeping corporate network access limited and secure.
  • High-availability support brings scalability and reliability to branch offices, small or home offices, service provider CPE, and mobile point-of-sale applications.
  • Available FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer appliances simplify security management and reduce operating expenses in multiple deployments.

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