Aruba IAP304 802.11ac Access Point – 2×2:2/3×3:3 MU-MIMO Dual Radio Antenna Connectors


Aruba IAP304 802.11ac Access Point – 2×2:2/3×3:3 MU-MIMO Dual Radio Antenna Connectors

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The Aruba IAP304 is part of the Aruba 300 series of Wi-Fi 5 access points. It offers two operating modes to meet your requirements.

Controller-managed mode, for management by Aruba Mobility Controllers. The Aruba IAP304 offers centralized configuration, data encryption, policy enforcement, and network services. Plus, you get distributed and centralized traffic forwarding.

Aruba Instant mode. In Aruba Instant mode, a single AP automatically distributes the network configuration to other IAPs in the WLAN. Simply power-up one Instant AP and configure it over the air. Then, plug in the other APs. The entire process takes about five minutes. And there’s no need to worry if WLAN requirements change. A built-in migration path allows IAP304s to become part of a WLAN that is managed by a Mobility Controller.

The Aruba IAP304 is an affordable, entry-level 3×3:3 802.11ac access point. It is excellent for medium density environments. Think schools, retail branches, warehouses, hotels and so on. It is for the cost-sensitive end-user.

Some numbers on the IAP304

The IAP304 delivers a concurrent data rate of 1.3 Gbps at 5GHz, and 300 Mbps at 2.4GHz. For that you get an aggregate peak data rate of 1.7 Gbps. Plus, it has an integrated Bluetooth Beacon. This provides advanced location and indoor way finding and proximity-based push notification services. It also simplifies remote management of battery-powered Aruba Beacons.

Why we like the IAP304

It has great, easy-to-use technology, and great range! It’s easy to set up multiple AP’s, including guest access. There is no separate controller necessary. Simply power up, plug into your network, and connect.

Even if you are not familiar with Aruba products, they are easy to master quickly. And if you need to reconfigure, using Instant Mode makes configuration straightforward.


Aruba is excellent for enterprise companies. It is ideal for organizations that require a large number of wireless access points and need simple intuitive management over them. And when it comes to Wi-Fi management, Aruba gives you the flexibility to choose. You can use an Instant access point or a controller to manage an entire cluster of access points. On the other hand, you can manage them with a cloud-based or an on-site network management platform.

Since we have years of Aruba experience, Corporate Armor is your best bet if you want to find out more about the IAP304.


Choice of operating modes; Controller mode, and Aruba Instant mode
Supports up to 1.3 Gbps in the 5 GHz band
Supports up to 300 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band
Aggregate rate of 1.7 Gbps


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