HPE Apollo kl20 Server – Up to (4) Intel Xeon Phi Processors, up to (24) HPE 2400 MHz DDR4 DIMMs, up to (12) SFF HDDs or SSDs

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Do you need a cost-effective, industry-standard server for highly parallel applications requiring performance across widely diverse workloads and legacy applications not optimized well for graphic processing unit (GPU) computing? The HPE Apollo kl20 Server is a 2U server with up to four Intel® Xeon® Phi processors and with support for both Intel Omni-Path and Mellanox® InfiniBand interconnect fabric options for flexibility and increased priceperformance and density. An ideal solution for running highly parallel applications optimized for the Xeon Phi Processors, especially for code which has already been optimized for the prior generation of the Intel Phi coprocessor and legacy applications for which recoding would be burdensome or where the environment requires performance across widely diverse workloads not optimized well for GPU computing. Delivers a dense and flexible computing platform optimized for highly vectorized or memory bandwidth bound HPC applications.


Flexible Configurations Tailored to HPC and Deep Learning

The HPE Apollo kl20 Server is scalable to more than sixty cores per node and greater than 3 TFlops per socket versus Intel Xeon v4. 

Integrated on-board 16 GB MC-DRAM memory delivers up to 5x bandwidth per processor vs DDR4 on Intel Xeon v4.

Optimize the server for required workloads by choosing from the available CPUs in the Intel Xeon Phi Processor Family, up to twenty-four HPE 2400 MHz DDR4 DIMMs, optional network adapters, and up to twelve SFF hard drives or solid state drives (SSD) per four-node 2U chassis. 

Fully integrated and factory tested clusters are delivered with a complete cluster management software stack to simplify deployment and management, and can be custom configured for perfect sizing.

Multiple network topologies are supported in cluster builds: fat tree, hypercube, and enhanced hypercube.

Customized Configuration Compute for Infrastructure Efficiency

The HPE Apollo kl20 Server is air-cooled for easy integration into standard server environments.

The system is designed for energy efficiency with dual 2000W Titanium Level Power Supplies.

Select the optimal network topology for your target cost model. For example, fat tree can be a strong, general purpose fabric which is effective for small systems, but can be expensive for large systems.

Integrated IPMI 2.0 enables standards-based systems-management.

Expertise and Resources for Operational Efficiency

The HPE Apollo kl20 Server alongside HPE Pointnext services provides expertise in HPC, data management, visualization, systems management, and high performance data analysis (HPDA).

Delivers responsive global support.

Enable custom solutions, as one size does not fit all requirements.

Committed account and technical resource teams.

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