HPE Integrity Superdome X Server – Intel Xeon Processors, up to 12 TB of Memory, up to 384 DIMM slots

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Redefine mission-critical compute with HP Integrity Superdome X

Are your mission-critical applications running on a costly mainframe or UNIX®-based proprietary system? Are you concerned about x86 reliability and availability? Are you using standard x86 infrastructure to power your critical workloads but need extra scalability, performance or uptime? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the HP Integrity Superdome X server is for you.

Superdome X delivers a new level of x86 availability, scalability, and performance to power your critical Linux® workloads. It blends x86 efficiencies with proven mission-critical innovation to achieve a superior x86 Linux uptime experience. Count on Superdome X to deliver groundbreaking performance, breakthrough scalability up to 16 sockets and up to 12 TB of memory to meet your in-memory database needs. Through our unique hard partitioning technology, HP nPars, Superdome X delivers up to 20X greater reliability than platforms relying on software virtualization alone.

Whether you want to improve the uptime of your Linux applications, drive down costs, standardize, simplify or consolidate, Superdome X offers new possibilities to transform your mission-critical environment in ways you could not imagine.

Deploy critical workloads on x86 with confidence

HP Integrity Superdome X sets new high standards for x86 efficiency, availability, scalability, and performance, making it the ideal platform for your critical Linux workloads.

  • More efficiency—to reduce complexity and cost
  • Higher levels of availability—to deliver continuous services
  • Greater scalability and performance—to respond rapidly to business demands

Partner with HP for the right compute, for the right workload, at the right economics—every time.

Key features and benefits

Deploy your mission-critical workloads to an industry-standard x86 platform

The HP BladeSystem Superdome Enclosure is the building block for Superdome X. Each compute enclosure supports 15 fans, 12 power supplies, associated power cords, and four HP Crossbar Fabric Modules (XFMs). Configurations of one-to-eight mission-critical, scalable x86 blades can be populated in an enclosure with support for hard partitions (HP nPars) containing one, two, four, or eight blades. Multiple nPars of different sizes are supported within a single enclosure.

With breakthrough innovations such as the fault-tolerant Crossbar Fabric and Error Analysis Engine coupled with hard partitioning capabilities, Superdome X sets the standard for mission-critical x86 computing.


Superdome X offers scalability that surpasses the market, flexibility through HP nPars, and mission-critical reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS). Key features include:

  • Support for up to 16 sockets of Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v2 family
  • 384 DIMM slots with up to 12 TB of DDR3 memory, providing a large memory footprint for demanding applications
  • Support for HP nPartitions (nPars), electrically isolated hard partitions/configurations of one, two, four, or eight blades and multiple nPars within a single Superdome Enclosure
  • 16 FlexLOM slots (2 per blade)
  • 24 mezzanine PCIe Gen3 slots (3 per blade)
  • Built-in DVD-ROM, accessible from partitions
  • Error Analysis Engine


Superdome X revolutionizes x86 computing by enabling you to:

Redefine compute economics with breakthrough scalability and efficiency

  • Address your largest in-memory and traditional database needs with a large scale-up 16-socket, 12 TB memory solution on x86
  • Increase cost efficiencies with a 32 percent lower TCO than IBM Power 8
  • Simplify your environment with 3X the scalability, 2X sockets and more than 3X the cores versus current HP 8-socket x86 offering

Accelerate service delivery with a superior Linux availability experience

  • Deploy your critical workloads with confidence as Superdome X is designed from the ground up to achieve high levels of RAS, and is built on proven mission-critical innovation
  • Improve the uptime of your critical Linux applications with up to 20X greater reliability from HP nPars, our unique hardware partitions technology
  • Achieve zero planned downtime with maintenance and updates performed online when using Serviceguard for Linux
  • Benefit from up to 95 percent reduction in memory outages over standard x86 with HP “Firmware First” architecture and memory RAS improvements over Intel® base code
  • Experience proven diagnostics, self-healing capabilities, and superior fault management with the built-in Error Analysis Engine, unique on x86 environments

Boost business outcomes with groundbreaking performance

  • Power your most demanding workloads with 4X faster transactions than leading x86 platforms
  • Scale confidently without compromising performance with a 1.9X scalability factor, from two up to 16 sockets
  • Start small and grow your environment as needed with a scalable, efficient bladed form factor, from one up to eight blades
  • Lower costs by consolidating on a single server with up to 9X performance versus current HP 8-socket x86 offering

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