Kaminario K2 All-Flash Storage FC/iSCSI Array, configured with 400GB or 800GB SSD

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K2 is the most cost-effective, no-compromise storage, with consistent and predictable performance and support for physical and virtual mixed workload environments.
K2 combines Scalable Performance Storage Architecture (SPEAR™) software with best-of-breed, off-the-shelf enterprise hardware components to create a premier all-flash storage array. Designed for the midrange enterprise market, K2 offers a complete set of features on a platform that leverages the latest innovations in storage media, processing, networking and virtualization.

K2 provides:

Storage Efficiency. Flexible scale-out and scale-up architecture is based on a fully active/active design. High density of up to 30TB/U, with the lowest metadata footprint and the highest RAID utilization in the market.

Scalability. The only all-flash storage array that supports both, scale-up and scale-out, K2 enables organizations to start small from 7TB to 90TB in just 4U and grow seamlessly to 720TB in 26U. It facilitates linear growth in both capacity and performance* while keeping consistently low latency.

Non-Disruptive Upgrades (NDU). Hardware expansions and software enhancements can be deployed without interfering with the service and with no dependencies on maintenance windows. Upgrades can be performed with a mix and match of controllers and SSDs.

Optimized for mixed workloads. Global adaptive block algorithm allows the system to automatically adapt to support OLTP, OLAP, virtualized and VDI environments without compromising IOPS or bandwidth.

Global Selective Inline Deduplication. Deduplication can be turned on for VDI and virtualized workloads, and turned off for OLTP or OLAP workloads where deduplication has little or no effect.

Inline Compression. Highly efficient byte-aligned inline compression reduces the physical data footprint on the flash media.

Thin Provisioning. All base volumes, snapshots and replicas are thin provisioned, reducing the required amount of capacity in the initial purchase and allowing it to grow over time.

Encryption. The always-on encryption provides security for dataat-rest with no impact on performance, protecting against data theft.

Enterprise-Class Resiliency. Resiliency features include high availability, an ability to self-heal, no single point of failure, data protection capabilities and proactive serviceability.

Snapshots. K2’s patented native writeable snapshots are thinly provisioned, resulting in high capacity savings compared to full clones. Snapshots are often used for creating additional data sets for backup, archiving or testing.

K-RAID Protection. Highly efficient RAID scheme with 87.5% utilization rate supports a total of three SSD failures per shelf without compromising performance during normal operation and under recovery.

Management. Administered via an intuitive web browser-based GUI, K2’s built in intelligence automatically performs RAID optimization, performance tuning, monitoring and capacity management. K2 supports fully scriptable CLI, RESTful APIs, VMware vCenter plug-in and Microsoft VSS.

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