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Kensington – Keypad – USB

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Kensington – Keypad – USB

For people who work with numbers, a dedicated number pad is crucial for efficient and productive work. As more people work and learn from home, many laptops and compact keyboards do not include a number pad. The Wired Numeric Keypad, a perfect complement to our Multi-Device Dual Wireless Compact Keyboard (K75502US), allows Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS users to input numeric data quickly and easily. Slim scissor keys provide a quiet and comfortable typing experience, together with four shortcut keys that further enhance efficiency. A reliable wired USB-A plug-and-play connection means there is no need for batteries or driver installations.

Key Selling Points
Twenty-one-key number pad with four shortcut keys is a smart addition to a laptop or keyboard that isn’t equipped with a number pad, and a perfect complement to our Multi-Device Dual Wireless Compact Keyboard (K75502US). Shortcut keys allow frequently used commands with the press of a button (some shortcut keys are only Windows compatible).
Slim scissor keys offer a responsive and quiet typing experience.
Num Lock indicator provides a visual cue for more efficient typing.
The plug-and-play wired USB-A connection delivers reliable performance without the need for batteries or software to install.
Anti-slip foot pads keep the keypad stable and in place.
Compatible with Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS (some shortcut keys are only Windows compatible).
A three-year warranty means you can rest assured knowing you’re covered by Kensington.

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