NETSHIELD Enterprise 10 Hardware Appliance with 3 Year License Subscription

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Plug Anywhere, Discover Everywhere.

NETSHIELD delivers a rich feature set of Layer 2 Intrusion Prevention System capabilities.

  • Delivering security at Layer 2 ensures that untrusted/unknown assets (physical, virtual, mobile and IoT) cannot access networks.
  • Detect and block connection attempts to known Malware and phishing sites preventing malicious code from impacting endpoints.
  • Comprehensive auditing and vulnerability assessments.

Key Features

​Asset Detection & Instantaneous Blocking

  • Plug anywhere, discover everywhere
  • Discover All Physical, Virtual, Mobile, IoT assets
  • Dynamic VLAN Assignment & Quarantining

Malware/Phishing Detection and Prevention

  • Monitor egress traffic to discover connection attempts to known malicious servers
  • Employ instantaneous blocking

Auditing & Vulnerability Assessment

  • Identify Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs)


  • Easy to Deploy – No need to load agents on end points
  • Simple to configure


  • No performance impact
  • Connects the same way as a PC would

First to deliver cyber security hardware with built-in cyber insurance

  • Cyber Insurance – Coverage up to $250,000 included
  • Currently available in the U.S.

Helps address GDPR framework to maintain compliance

Layered network approach

  • Hardware and software agnostic
  • Smart switch integration to isolate rogue assets
  • Third party integrations

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