Nexsan UNITY6000 High-End Unified Hybrid Storage

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The Challenge

Now more than ever, organizations of all sizes face the need to balance shrinking budgets, ensure privacy and security, provide mobile access for remote employees, and compel users to adhere to corporate policies, particularly when sharing data outside the network. These challenges–exacerbated by data growth, backup demands, business continuity requirements, and the performance pressure of high-availability applications–are faced by IT every day. Normally this means siloed systems to meet all of these requirements, but no longer. 

The Solution – Next Generation Hybrid Storage Platform

Nexsan® UNITYTM, a next-generation hybrid storage platform, combines performance, scalability, universal connectivity, and the value of DRAM and Flash with enterprise file sync-and-share for today’s connected world. Nexsan UNITY provides the ease of cloud availability with the security of an on-premises private cloud implementation in a single product, at a single price, so you have less to manage and lower overall costs.


UNITY delivers on the performance you need in unified storage by blending solid-state memory including DRAM and SSD to optimize block and file operations into a fault-tolerant architecture. Automatic caching algorithms remove the need for manual intervention or application-specific tuning for ease of management. To make the most of your IT investment, Nexsan realigns the trade-off between performance, capacity, and costs with FASTierTM caching that accelerates I/O and provides high performance where it’s needed at a cost far less than all flash arrays. 

Enterprise n-Way Sync

Large files are prolific in today’s business world, and collaborating on these files is challenging. UNITY Enterprise n-Way Sync eliminates the difficulties of remote access to large files with automated persistent replication of datasets to one or many other remote sites. Users have access to data where they need it, when they need it, at LAN-access speeds, while leveraging the organization’s secure infrastructure. This assures that information is in sync across multiple sites while data is secured with encryption at rest and in flight. With UNITY your organization has built-in business continuity. 

Mobile Access for Workforce Productivity

Mobility is increasingly important to users, yet there is a heightened need for data security, privacy, and risk containment to protect corporate data. Too often employees neglect the corporate policies and use public cloud services or email to share sensitive or regulatory information, putting the company at risk. Nexsan UNITY addresses these critical needs as it utilizes patented technology to provide secure, private, and compliant mobile access for users working remotely via their smartphones, tablets, desktops, or secure private web browser, without the need for a VPN. IT can easily manage the unified storage, as well as the access, from one simple management interface. 

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