Nimble Storage CS235 iSCSI Storage Array, up to 24TB Capacity, 640GB-1,200GB Base/Max Flash Capacity

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High Performance Storage Products and Technical Specifications
Nimble Storage CS-Series arrays are the building blocks of Adaptive Flash, a storage platform that dynamically and intelligently allocates storage resources to satisfy the changing needs of business-critical applications. Adaptive Flash is based on CASL™, Nimble’s patented Cache-Accelerated Sequential Layout architecture, and InfoSight™, its data sciences-based approach to the storage lifecycle. CASL allows performance and capacity to be scaled seamlessly and independently. InfoSight leverages the power of deep-data analytics to deploy storage resources as needed by business-critical applications.

Scale-to-Fit with Scale-Out Architecture
CASL’s scale-to-fit capability allows performance and capacity to be scaled seamlessly and independently to meet the growing demands of today’s enterprise applications. Capacity can be scaled to hundreds of terabytes by simply adding disk shelves while performance can be enhanced by adding CPU cores for greater overall throughput or additional solid state drives (SSDs) for enhanced read performance. Performance and capacity can even be seamlessly scaled beyond a single array to a cluster of up to any four Nimble Storage CS-Series arrays.

Integrated Data Protection
Data protection is built into every Nimble Storage array, eliminating the inefficiency associated with managing primary and backup storage tiers. Nimble arrays use advanced data protection features including frequent point-in-time snapshots and WAN-efficient replication.

InfoSight and Proactive Wellness
InfoSight is a key component of the Adaptive Flash Platform, offering expert guidance on scaling. InfoSight monitors all Nimble arrays, collectively and individually, from the cloud, using the data it collects to pinpoint problems — and offer remedies — before they can bring systems down.

In addition to InfoSight, Nimble offers these key support benefits: access to 24×7 technical support; 4-hour, or next business day, parts delivery; always-on monitoring and response; and frequent software updates

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