Overland LTO Ultrium-8 Data CartridgeLTO-812.80 TB (Native) / 32 TB (Compressed)20 Pack OV-LTO901820


Overland LTO Ultrium-8 Data Cartridge
Priceless data cartridge in terms of electricity and administration. Keeps your media intact for a long-term..
LTO-8 tape technology – Reliable and cost-efficient tape backup solution for Small and Medium Business (SMB) market.
Ideal for entry-level servers requiring 32 TB compressed storage capacity of data backup.
Store up to 12.80 TB of native storage capacity data per normal cartridge.

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Overland LTO Ultrium-8 Data Cartridge

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Weight 17.5 lbs
Dimensions 260.00 × 305.00 × 140.00 in