Overland -Tandberg 1 TB Solid State Drive CartridgeSmartphone, Desktop PC, MAC Device Supported256-bit Encryption Standard1 Pack 8877-RDX


Overland-Tandberg 1 TB Solid State Drive Cartridge
256-bit encryption protects your PC from hackers and thieves by encoding all your data.
Store as many documents, pictures and videos as you need with 1 TB capacity.

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Overland-Tandberg 1 TB Solid State Drive Cartridge

RDX® Solid State Drive (SSD) Fast, secure, and rugged data storage

The RDX SSD performance line represents the next generation of the RDX technology family and provides the high-performance extension to the existing RDX portfolio.

With RDX SSD and RDX HDD, customers now have a greater choice and more flexibility in storage options based on their evolving requirements. The high transfer rate and the high throughput of RDX SSD reduces backup windows by up to 50% and provides fast restores.

Overcome shrinking backup windows

Extensive data growth and extended business availability mean that backup windows are getting smaller and smaller.

As a result, backups need to be done faster and completed sooner. With RDX SSD, backup time is reduced and backup windows are met even with larger backup sets.

Business Continuity and disaster recovery

RDX is an important component of modern 3-2-1-1 backup strategies, where 3 copies of data should be saved to 2 different storage systems, 1 copy should be stored off-site and 1 copy should be stored in an immutable format. RDX builds the air gap for full disaster recovery and ransomware protection.

To ensure business continuity, systems need to be recovered rapidly. RDX SSD provides fast restores and enhanced business continuity.

Fast data transfer

In use cases like media and entertainment, healthcare, Industry 4.0 or science research, a steady stream of increasingly larger amounts of data needs to be stored and transferred. RDX SSD provides high data throughput which makes them ideal for use in those environments.

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