Palo Alto Networks PA-4060 Bright cloud URL filtering subscription for 3 years

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It’s no secret: the web can be a dangerous place. Uncontrolled web surfing or email link clicking can quickly lead to infection, possible data loss, and potential compliance violations. Stand-alone URL filtering deployments don’t have the right mechanisms to adequately control web browsing or prevent threats because they have insufficient application visibility, can’t coordinate actions, and lack meaningful integration with other solutions to protect against the different attack stages and threat vectors. 

The integration of URL Filtering (PAN-DB) with WildFire™ threat intelligence service, and all other components of the Palo Alto Networks® Next-Generation Security Platform, gives organizations the assurance that their networks, endpoints and cloud services are protected by the latest threat intelligence on malware and phishing at all times. 

Secure web access and protection against malware and phishing sites is a high priority to organizations today. The integration of URL Filtering (PAN-DB) into the single-pass architecture of the Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall and WildFire automatically enhances your company’s security posture and keeps it up to date. Combining fast cloud URL lookups with a local cache (instead of a big database download) significantly reduces latency and increases both the accuracy and relevance of the categorization.

Constantly updated global threat intelligence allows for fast identification and prevention of undesired content and malicious sites.  

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