Raritan Dominion DLX2-108 KVM Switchbox8 Computer1 Local User1 Remote User1920 x 12001 x Network (RJ-45)3 x USB1 x V… DLX2-108


Raritan Dominion DLX2-108 KVM Switchbox
Quickly switches between sources without physical access.
Connect up to 8 computers to 1 local users.
Up to 1920 x 1200 video resolution.
Establishes a rapid connection with USB devices.
The Rack-mountable form factor allocates you simple and easy installation for your kvm switchbox.

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Raritan Dominion DLX2-108 KVM Switchbox

Raritan’s Dominion LX II KVM-over-IP switches give one or two remote users and one local user, Java-free, BIOS-level access and control of 8 or 16 servers (expandable to 256 servers with tiering), and virtual media. Three LX II switch models and three integrated switch / LCD drawer combination models support 8 or 16 KVM ports, 1-2 remote users, 1 local user and up to 8 serial ports.

LX II appliances, designed for small to midsize businesses (SMBs), support a wide variety of computer and serial devices with VGA, DVI, HDMI, USB-C and DisplayPort video. Productive, KVM-over-IP connections up to 15 frames-persecond with video resolutions up to 1080p and 1200p are supported for digital and analog video.


  • Economical, reliable and secure remote access and management
  • Anytime/anywhere, Java-free, browser-based remote access
  • Manage and maintain equipment without travel
  • Remote software installation, booting and diagnostics
  • Multi-vendor support for diverse computer and network devices


Raritan’s Dominion LX II replaces the original Dominion LX, introduced in 2011, with an all-new hardware and software platform. The LX II has significant advancements over the previous generation including:

  • Java-free KVM-over-IP and optional Serial access and control
  • Manages up to eight serial devices via DSAM accessories
  • Enhanced security with secure TLS web browser access
  • All new, modern hardware, video and software platform
  • Three Integrated Switch / LCD drawer models (available 2Q 2020)

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Weight 12.348 lbs
Dimensions 10.63 × 11.46 × 1.73 in